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Toptal partners with innovation groups to bring disruptive ideas to life. Our experts join your teams to whiteboard, design, and develop your products throughout the entire innovation lifecycle.
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Toptal Accelerates Your Innovation Cycle
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Collaborate with top domain experts to whiteboard, stress test, and refine your ideas.
Build lean, rapid prototypes to bring your vision to life, test concepts with functional mock-ups, and iterate quickly.
Our hand-picked delivery teams turn your prototypes into complete products using a human-centric, agile approach.
Work With Leading Experts in Emerging Technologies
Our teams specialize in custom software design and development across any platform, market sizing research and financial modeling, as well as product and project management and execution. Our experts have deep experience across the most critical emerging technologies.
Internet of Things
Machine Learning
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Meet a Few of Our Innovation Experts
Melissa Quintanilha
Prototyping Expert
Information Architecture
  • BS in Computer Science and MS in Interaction Design
  • Extensive experience in UX design for autonomous driving
  • Designed the UX for artificial intelligence projects at Microsoft Research
  • 15+ years of design and prototyping experience
Work With Melissa 
Feynman Tsing-Yang Liang
Machine Learning
  • Software Engineer at Google and Microsoft
  • Managed and reviewed open source contributions to Apache Spark MLlib, a distributed machine learning library
  • Built interactive visualizations for machine learning model visualization
Work With Feynman 
Dennis Ippel
Virtual Reality
  • Developer for Nissan’s IDx virtual reality experience
  • Created animations for Nike’s Wall of Phenomenal during their World Cup campaign
  • Lead developer for Rajawali, an open source 3D framework for Android
  • Built an augmented reality children’s book concept
Work With Dennis 
How Toptal Works With Innovation Teams
Talk to One of Our Domain Experts
A domain expert from our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.
Work with Hand-Selected Talent
Within days, we'll introduce you to a few experts for your project. Average time to match is under 24 hours.
The Right Fit, Guaranteed
Work with your new team member for a trial period (pay only if satisfied), ensuring they're the right fit before starting the engagement.
Toptal Lets You Hire Now to Innovate Now
Trusted experts only
Work with seasoned experts, ready to integrate and contribute right away.
Vetted talent
To join our network, all Toptal experts must pass our rigorous screening process. This allows us to ensure that you only work with the best.
Scale efficiently
Powered by a cutting-edge platform, our process enables you to expand and contract your team with absolute flexibility.
Seamless hiring
We'll take care of the overhead, while you focus on building great products.
Flexible engagements
Choose the engagement type and model that best suits your company's needs at any point.
World class support
Focus on your project while enjoying support from domain experts and a dedicated account executive.
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