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Toptal empowers its clients to bridge the widening talent gap. We partner with your team to design, prototype, and develop innovative technologies, bringing a caliber of talent that can scale as quickly as you do.

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We provide the highest quality of talent for any technology stack, company size, or industry. With our focus on matching you with the best talent from our global network, we can complement your already dynamic teams and will efficiently integrate into your most urgent initiatives.

We also build elite teams from the ground up, selecting seasoned experts from our extensive global network of talent.

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About Lindsay Lewin

Lindsay Lewin

Lindsay Lewin

Enterprise Sales Executive

Lindsay Lewin is an Enterprise Sales Executive with Toptal and has been working in the talent search industry for over ten years. Having seen time and time again how talent gaps can cripple a company’s progress, her work with Toptal focuses on how to most efficiently tap into an elite global talent network for design, technical, and strategic financial projects for her clients.