Auckland Software Craftmanship

Auckland, New Zealand
Kevin Sparks
Event leader:
Kevin Sparks
Oct 8,

Speaker 1: Colin Bowern - “Federating with the Enterprise: Handling Identity Management for SaaS Applications”

Speaker 2: Michael Barker - “Talking about “Testing Automation””

About the event

Toptal is happy to sponsor the Auckland Software Craftmanship event, where there will be two great talks for you.

The event will start with Colin Bowern (an abstract artist and a concrete analyst interested in full-contact origami) on “Federating with the Enterprise: Handling Identity Management for SaaS Applications”. If you are building a software-as-a-service type application and the enterprise is your target, sooner or later you will be asked how you integrate into the enterprise identity and access management strategy. In this session we’ll take a look at how to use claims-based technologies to mitigate risk and put corporate security and liabilities into the right hands – the customer.

There will be a break for pizza and drinks and networking.

Finally the event will wrap up with Michael Barker (High Performance Java expert, maintainer of LMAX Disruptor) who will talk about “Testing Automation”. Automated testing is hard but necessary. A fully automated testing system requires serious investment and attention to be successful. LMAX has been committed this approach since its inception 6 years ago and learnt many hard lessons along the way. We will share the highlights our experience of testing a large and complex system including; the different types of testing that we apply, design patterns to write robust tests, tools (some open source) built to support the process and a few war stories.

This event will be a good opportunity to meet the local Toptal team and local developers, as well as hear about you can work with Toptal.

We hope to see you there!

181 Grafton Road, Auckland, New Zealand
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