Rubyslava #48

Bratislava, Slovakia
Jano Suchal
Event leader:
Jano Suchal
Mar 19,
About the event

Rubyslava is one of the biggest Ruby meetups in the region, this time we are having a host of interesting topics:

Design patterns behind UIKit (Peter Stajger)

In this brief talk I will walk you through a process of building UI in native iOS apps. I will try to highlight common OOP patterns we use so you can compare it with techniques you use for building HTML based apps.

Growing beyond the monolith (Michal Olah)

So you successfully got your MVP off the ground and are gaining traction. How do you make sure you can keep up with the growth? You start thinking about pulling your monolith apart into services. In this talk we’ll discuss some best practices on how to do this so you don’t end with an even bigger mess than you started with. The NoSQL story (Marian Vlcak)

RavenDB intro, what it is and how it works plus take a trip inside development kitchen to find out how to solve a practical problem the impractical way.

Rubyslava / PyVo is sponsored by JetBrains and Toptal and Attlasian. Get a free yearly licence for a product of your choice: RubyMine, PyCharm or PHPStorm. Win ebooks from Manning Publications and Apress. Drinks are sponsored by Toptal. Swag is provided by Attlasian.

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Kafé Nervosa Zámocká 30, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia
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