Budapest Python Meetup

Budapest, Hungary
Anna Nyuli
Event leader:
Anna Nyuli
May 28,
About the event

Toptal is supporting the monthly Python meetup in Budapest. Come join the event and find out more about Toptal while networking with our local community.


18:30: Introduction talk by Dóri

18:45: Ördög-Andrási Judit: FUNctional Programming in Python (EN)

Functional programming has become a very popular paradigm recently. When we hear the words ‘functional programming’ usually the first things that come to our mind are languages like Haskell, ML or Elm. But is it possible to use Python the functional way? The language claims to support functional programming, let’s see how it’s done. In my presentation I’m going to quickly walk you through the functional toolset of Python, then we are going to see how these can be applied on a widely known code kata while having fun.

About Juci

Juci is a software developer at Prezi. She works in a tooling team where they are responsible for the CI, monitoring and logging systems of Prezi.

19:15: Break

19:45: Lightning Talk Session

If you are interested in joining the meetup please RSVP here

Müszi - Művelődési Szint, Blaha Lujza tér 1, Budapest, Hungary
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