Rubyslava #55 (OpenStack Edition)

Bratislava, Slovakia
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Jano Suchal
Event leader:
Jano Suchal
Feb 25,
About the event

Toptal is proud to sponosor Rubyslava, one of the biggest Ruby meetups in the region. This will be their 55th meetup!


  • OpenStack and service providing (Peter Slovak, Websupport)

What is the added value of OpenStack in terms of service providing? Besides from a more flexible approach to building infrastructure components, it greatly helps us follow the concept of Infrastructure as Code. We are going to have a look at some aspects of infrastructure management that OpenStack improves and also the challenges of running and deploying it.

  • Infratructure provisioning in the context of organization (Katarina Valalikova, Evolveum)

During deployments of identity management system for different customers I learnt people need more than just account provisioning. They need to provision group, projects, services, infrastructure… I’ll try to show you how you can achieve something like this with combining midPoint and OpenStack

  • Openstack at T-Systems (Kamil Madac)

OpenStack deployment in T-Systems Kosice, issues and lessons learned from production. Containerization of OpenStack services, Installation of OpenStack from upstream (source codes), Automation of OpenStack development and deployment.

If you are interested in joining the event please RSVP here or contact Jano Suchal.

Nervosa Restaurant, Zamocka 30, Bratislava, Slovakia
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