AngularToulouse Meetup: Building a robot app with NativeScript

Toulouse, France
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Julien Renaux
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Julien Renaux
Nov 2,
About the event

Toptal supports developer communities all over the world. Our developer Julien Renaux is the lead organizer of the AngularToulouse Meetup.

Their next event will take place on November 2nd, so if you happen to be in Toulouse that day, make sure to drop by and say hello. If you’re not yet familiar with Toptal, this is the perfect place to find out more about it!

You’ll have the chance to meet Sebastian Witalec who is coming from the UK to talk about the Angular2 version of NativeScript (aka AngularNative).


6:30 pm - Building a robot app with NativeScript

NativeScript is an open source cross platform framework that lets you build mobile apps with 100% native UI, however it is not limited to just building sleek and beautiful apps. Its versatility lets us go beyond the boundaries of a mobile screen and enter the cyber brain of a MiP robot.

In this talk you will see how to establish a connection with MiP robot (close cousin to T-800) and how to create a NativeScript remote controller to move the robot around the stage. To do that we will use the MiP BLE Protocol to communicate with the machine via Bluetooth.

You can expect to see a real robot controlled with a NativeScript app. After the session I will share the code with you, so that you could get your own robot to protect your desk at work.

8:00 pm - End

If you have any questions, please contact the event organizer Julien Renaux.

AtHome, 32 Rue des Marchands, Toulouse, France
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