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Toby Clarence-Smith

Has the US Equity Crowdfunding Market Lived up to Expectations?

By Toby Clarence-Smith
Four years on from the signing of the JOBS act, equity crowdfunding remains a small, niche market. In this article, we take a look at the current state of equity crowdfunding in the US and assess some of the challenges the market faces if it wants to grow into its potential.
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Josh Chapman

The Importance of Customer Retention: An Empirical Study

By Josh Chapman
Startups nowadays are hyper focused on growth at all costs, a practice which often undermines the fundamental health of the business. This article takes an in-depth look at the importance of focusing on customer retention from day one and the practical benefits it can provide in the medium to long term.
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Melissa Lin

What is the Border Adjustment Tax? Potential Benefits and Risks

By Melissa Lin
With tax reform discussions likely to rise to the national forefront, this article provides analysis regarding border adjustment taxes and the recent House proposal. It assesses economic implications and historical comparisons to help you understand how you and your business might be impacted.
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Ellen Su

Power Pivot for Excel Tutorial: Top Use Cases and Examples

By Ellen Su
With the arrival and growing ubiquity of big data, Excel, as a data-mining and processing tool has been pushed to its limits—reflected in its dated 1,048,576 row hard limit and the application’s processing speed slowing to a crawl. As of 2010, Microsoft released a Power Pivot function that transformed the scope and usefulness of Excel where the extraction, combination, and analysis of large datasets are concerned. Using live cases, Finance Expert Ellen Su explores in detail how to master Power Pivot and explores its hidden advantages as a big data tool.
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Tayfun Uslu

SaaS Pricing Models: Pricing Strategy Examples and Best Practices

By Tayfun Uslu
Pricing strategy is one of the most important financial levers that companies have at their disposal to influence the financial success of their business. However, it is not an easy task. This article analyzes SaaS software pricing strategies and finds that several of the operational characteristics of the business model generate some very useful pricing advantages that can help drive financial performance.
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Natallia Chykina

Open Source Software - Investable Business Model or Not?

By Natallia Chykina
Open-source software is a catalyst for growth and change in the IT industry, and one can’t overestimate its importance to the sector. In recent years, there has been a surge in venture capital dollars pouring into the sector. In this article, we analyse whether recent valuations make sense, and whether the open-source model lends itself to the returns profile that venture capital investors look for.
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Joe Matta

Snapchat IPO: It’s All About the ARPU, Dummy

By Joe Matta
Ahead of Snap's IPO, we take a look at whether the rumoured valuation makes sense, and find that whilst overall market concerns regarding DAU growth are justified, the market is likely under-valuing the company’s ARPU growth prospects. For us, Snap is a Buy.
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Term Sheet Templates - Clauses to Look Out For During Negotiation

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
Despite the large increase in resources aimed at helping founders navigate the fundraising process, many still struggle when it comes to comprehending certain term sheet clauses. Such clauses can lead to founders losing control of their company or payout structures upon exit down the road. This post breaks down the term sheet's trickiest clauses and the implications thereof.
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