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Francesco Castellano

Feeding the Future: An Overview of Agrifood Technology

By Francesco Castellano
As environmental, social, and demographic factors increasingly put pressure on traditional food production, investors and entrepreneurs are turning to innovation. Many promising startups are emerging, all with a focus on producing food in a more efficient and sustainable way.
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Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA

Corporate Venture Capital: The Devil...or an Innovative Growth Channel?

By Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA
In industries seeing stagnant growth or a negative impact from uncontrollable, outside forces, many companies are turning to corporate venture capital as an alternative means to innovation. Yet, famed venture capitalist Fred Wilson once said that corporate venture capital was the “devil.”
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Francesco Castellano

Feeding the Future: An Overview of the Agrifood Industry

By Francesco Castellano
The amount of money pouring into Agrifood tech has increased more than sixfold since 2012: from $3 billion to almost $18 billion. In the first part of this series, we examine the three changing conditions making this field ripe for innovation and analyze emerging technologies.
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Ankur Chandra

Human vs. Machine: The Next Frontier of Wealth Management

By Ankur Chandra
Since the introduction of index funds in the 1970s, the investment management industry has embraced the use of software to enhance its decision-making. With robo-advisors reaching further prominence, will machines replace humans in the world of wealth management?
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Aaron Chockla

Are Million-dollar Markets Better Than Billion-dollar Markets?

By Aaron Chockla
Entrepreneurs have been hardcoded to aim at billion-dollar sized markets with their solutions. However, such lucrative markets will appeal to many others and thus, are hard to succeed in. Going after smaller market sizes may be the more logical path to success.
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Natasha Ketabchi

State of the Fintech Industry (with Infographic)

By Natasha Ketabchi
Tech firms have enjoyed a deluge of funding in the last few years. Fintech is no exception. Now is the time to see which companies are here to stay and can become profitable - there will be some necessary consolidation and perhaps some high-profile failures.
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Jeffrey Fidelman

Top Pitch Deck Mistakes

By Jeffrey Fidelman
Toptal Finance Expert and fundraising guru Jeffrey Fidelman put together a list of the top 5 pitch deck mistakes he sees most often. Within these common mistakes, Fidelman also highlights best practices and shows you how to write a perfect pitch deck.
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Aaleem Jiwa

Complex but Integral: An Overview of Real Estate Waterfalls

By Aaleem Jiwa
Waterfalls are an integral part of real estate investment terms, dictating the hierarchy of how cash is distributed to investors and the transaction’s sponsors. When structured correctly---with aligned incentives---they ensure that the deal is set up to achieve outsize success.
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