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State of the Venture Capital Industry in 2019 (with Infographic)

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
Over the past decade, venture capital funding has risen by 17% annually to a figure $254 billion. What factors have contributed to this surge and what do they mean for the industry going forward?
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Tyler Cain

Perfecting Private Accommodations: Airbnb vs. Expedia

By Tyler Cain
As Airbnb may soon IPO, how does it compare against more traditional businesses in the travel space? We compare it to another top company in the travel sector, Expedia, and analyze how their originally divergent strategies are slowly converging.
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Peter Wells

Climbing the IoT Value Chain

By Peter Wells
Impactful applications of IoT are certain to emerge in the near future. We explore how finance professionals should think of the value it can generate for their business by creating a thought framework.
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Bertrand Deleuse

Selecting the Right Valuation Method for Pre-IPO Startups

By Bertrand Deleuse
Valuation for mature late-stage startups can be tricky: Too developed for guestimate methods, yet still without the depth of data offered by public market companies.
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Nirvikar Jain

Fintech Valuation Methods for Money Transfer Disruptors

By Nirvikar Jain
Valuation of private fintech startups is a step-by-step process that requires a holistic assessment of macro industrial factors and micro assumptions about the startup's future prospects. Learn how to value fintech companies in a practical step-by-step manner with this working example for payments unicorn Transferwise.
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Nirvikar Jain

How to Value a Fintech Startup

By Nirvikar Jain
Compared to traditional financial services businesses, fintech startups require different valuation approaches. This article explores these differences and the best practices to apply when appraising a fintech investment.
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Natasha Ketabchi

What is a Down Round and How to Avoid One

By Natasha Ketabchi
Anyone vaguely familiar with the venture capital industry knows that down rounds are bad news. But what exactly are they, and why do they occur? What alternatives do founders have to avoid a down round?
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Bechara Kara

What’s Next for Equity Crowdfunding?

By Bechara Kara
Toptal Finance Expert Bechara Kara runs through the crowdfunding market’s recent milestones, highlighting some of the shortcomings that can potentially threaten crowdfunding as a tool for democratizing finance, concluding with suggestions for a balanced approach in promoting its evolution.
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