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Melissa Lin

Glass-Steagall Act: Did Its Repeal Cause the Financial Crisis?

By Melissa Lin
The Glass-Steagall Act, Depression-era legislation, has had a controversial, unconventional run. 80 years after its inception, it’s made its way back into public discourse. This article examines the historical context of the Act, its erosion, and its repeal, as well as its impact on the financial crisis.
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3 Core Principles of Venture Capital Portfolio Strategy

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
Many newcomers to venture capital fail to appreciate some of the nuances that distinguishes venture investing from traditional forms of financial investing. This article delves into three areas in particular that new venture investors should look to understand.
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Anuar Heberlein

Private Equity Outlook 2017: Signs of Fatigue

By Anuar Heberlein
The private equity industry is showing signs of maturity as record competition amongst funds and record-high levels of dry powder, combined with strong competition from cash-rich corporates, have driven valuations to levels that make it difficult to see how returns could remain competitive.
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Jeffrey Mazer

Selling Your Business? Stop Leaving Money on the Table

By Jeffrey Mazer
When looking to sell your business, you will want to maximize its value through a combination of planning and timing. This article runs through some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when preparing for a sale.
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Solon Molho

The Greek Debt Crisis Explained

By Solon Molho
After several months of relative quiet, Greece is back in the spotlight as the latest repayment deadline on its bailout debt comes due in July. We take the opportunity to review the root causes of the crisis, what has been happening since it kicked off, and what needs to be done to resolve the situation.
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Melissa Lin

Is a Cashless Society the New Reality?

By Melissa Lin
A cashless society is approaching, with progress particularly pronounced in certain parts of the world. This piece examines global payment trends, as well as benefits and drawbacks of a cashless economy. It also includes case studies on India and Sweden, two countries already transitioning to a cashless future.
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Rajeev Jeyakumar

The State of Fintech in 2017

By Rajeev Jeyakumar
The financial services industry is seeing a wave of innovation that is bringing with it new technology, but also a need to attract and develop talent that have the skillset needed to operate in this changing environment. This article delves into some of the most important trends affecting the industry.
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Martin Smith

Choosing the Right eCommerce Business Model to Sell Your Product

By Martin Smith
As retail continues to shift online, businesses and manufacturers are faced with ever-growing pressures to build serious online presences and distribution. This article looks at the different options available, and assesses their merits and considerations from a financial standpoint
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