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Experts’ Corner: Pitch Deck Tips for Fundraising Success

by Melissa Lin

Fundraising, for companies at any stage, is undoubtedly a challenging process. Even for seasoned entrepreneurs and startups already experiencing market traction, a compelling pitch and accompanying pitch deck are still necessary. While there is variance around stylistic delivery of the pitch and aesthetic of the deck itself, you might be relieved to hear that the infamous pitch deck boils down to a formula.

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Esports: A Guide to Competitive Video Gaming

by Josh Chapman

While the complex esports industry may be daunting for investors, it is growing exponentially and has already amassed a large, global audience.

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Choosing the Right eCommerce Business Model to Sell Your Product

by Martin Smith

As retail continues to shift online, businesses and manufacturers are faced with ever-growing pressures to build serious online presences and distribution. This article looks at the different options available, and assesses their merits and considerations from a financial standpoint

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SaaS Pricing Models - Pricing Strategy Examples and Best Practices

by Tayfun Uslu

Pricing strategy is one of the most important financial levers that companies have at their disposal to influence the financial success of their business. However, it is not an easy task. This article analyzes SaaS software pricing strategies and finds that several of the operational characteristics of the business model generate some very useful pricing advantages that can help drive financial performance.

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