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Brendan Fitzgerald

Building the Next Big Thing: A Guide to Business Idea Development

By Brendan Fitzgerald
Business idea development for new venture concepts is a mixture of art and science. There are playbooks to follow that ensure ideas are validated objectively to ensure financial and opportunity cost risks are minimized.
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Ali Al-Suhail

Creating a Narrative from Numbers

By Ali Al-Suhail
The key to a successful business plan is a coherent story built around financial projections and external context.
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Natasha Ketabchi

What to Consider in a Pandemic Business Continuity Plan

By Natasha Ketabchi
How can businesses and shareholders think about ensuring their survival in an evolving pandemic? Business continuity plans have gone out of the window. How can they be adapted to survive the current situation?
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Aaron Chockla

Are Million-dollar Markets Better Than Billion-dollar Markets?

By Aaron Chockla
Entrepreneurs have been hardcoded to aim at billion-dollar sized markets with their solutions. However, such lucrative markets will appeal to many others and thus, are hard to succeed in. Going after smaller market sizes may be the more logical path to success.
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Natasha Ketabchi

How to Craft a Successful Go to Market Strategy

By Natasha Ketabchi
As a venture investor, Natasha Ketabchi spends most of her day evaluating tech startups as potential investments. In early-stage investments, Natasha finds that the three things that matter most are team, product, and sales and marketing approach—including their go to market strategy. In this article, Natasha lifts the veil on what venture investors look for in a solid GTM plan.
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Sean Heberling

The Undeniable Importance of a Business Plan

By Sean Heberling
We often hear about business plans in the context of early-stage companies; however, constructing excellent business plans is difficult and time-consuming, so many entrepreneurs avoid them. But, is this a mistake? While most people may be aware of the “soft” arguments for and against writing a business plan, in this article, a Toptal Finance Expert takes a data-driven approach to addressing the debate. In it, he finds strong evidence to support the notion that writing an excellent business plan is time well spent.
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Do Economic Moats Still Matter?

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
Companies, like castles, need a line of defense to repel the invaders' advances. Economic moats, taking a cue from their watery namesakes, are long-term and sustainable competitive advantages that protect others from seizing market share. But on the flipside, are they actually just lazy, passive strategies that shun innovation?
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Orinola Gbadebo-Smith

Mission Statements: How Effectively Used Intangible Assets Create Corporate Value

By Orinola Gbadebo-Smith
Of the three functional categories that drive value in business—i.e., the "hard," the "soft," and the "intangible"—mission statements comfortably reside in the third, alongside such concepts as brand and culture. But despite the skepticism that is often associated with this category, and having uncovered some of the greatest gems in the corporate arena, this article argues that mission statements, when crafted and utilized effectively, are capable of driving billions of dollars in value.
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Carolyn Deng, CFA

Startup Financing for Founders: Your Companion Checklist

By Carolyn Deng, CFA
Attention on the financial aspects of startups tends to focus on the external measure of fundraising. Yet before this, there are many aspects for an entrepreneur to consider regarding setting their business up for financial success. In this article, we address eight vital considerations to take around the equity, budget, and valuation components of a startup.
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