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Accounting Best Practices Ignored: 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Waste Money on Accounting and Stifle Growth

by Scott Hoover

Entrepreneurs often view accounting like eating broccoli – they know it’s good for them but terribly unpleasant. But that's unfortunate because effective accounting is a quiet ingredient of business success. Rock-solid companies have a rock-solid approach to accounting, almost without exception. In this article, Toptal Finance Expert Scott Hoover runs through a useful list of the top ten most common mistakes he encounters with respect to the accounting practice in small businesses. By avoiding these mistakes, entrepreneurs can ensure they stop wasting money and stifling the growth prospects of their company.

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The Role and Responsibilities of the Modern CFO – A Function in Transition

by Paul Ainsworth

Over the last few decades, the role of the CFO has undergone a profound shift. The historical tasks of the finance function such as books and records, financial reporting, and statutory compliance continue to be important but are now taken for granted by CEOs. The CFO of today and tomorrow must be able to take financial data and use it to influence operational decision making and strategy. But how? In this article, Toptal Finance Expert Paul Ainsworth draws on his experience over his 30+ year career as a CFO at large, multinational companies across different geographies to outline the changing role of the CFO and the necessary skillset required to fulfill the growing expectations.

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The Street Guide on How to Hire a Part-time CFO

by Scott Hoover

When does it make sense for a business to consider hiring a part-time CFO? Are there situations in which it doesn't make sense at all? What attributes and criteria should businesses use to filter and select candidates? This article by Toptal Finance Expert Scott Hoover looks at answers to all three questions, and is intended to be a practical guide based on nearly a decade of experience as a freelance CFO for privately held companies.

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