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Dhruv Tandan

What Is Bitcoin Mining? How It Works and What It Takes to Make It Pay

By Dhruv Tandan
Bitcoin mining is booming in North America, sparking new revenue opportunities for companies with access to cheap power, especially renewables. Learn the risks as well as the rewards.
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Brian Nichol

How Companies Are Building Digital Asset and NFT Strategies

By Brian Nichol
NFTs have staged an unlikely comeback. It’s time for more companies—not just those with valuable, recognizable IP—to explore how to create NFT strategies of their own.
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Michael J. McDonald

Crypto Exchange Wars: How Coinbase Stacks Up Against Its Rivals

By Michael J. McDonald
Coinbase is among the hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges that have sought to fill a gap left by the mainstream, for years offering investors the only platforms for investing in Bitcoin and other tokens. However the industry has matured, and the mainstream is warming up to crypto, making the exchange business hotly contested and challenging leaders like Coinbase.
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Jeffrey Mazer

Demystifying Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and ICOs

By Jeffrey Mazer
Despite significant advancements, cryptocurrencies remain highly controversial; while some tout it as “the next internet,” others view Bitcoin as “evil.” At their simplest, they are the newest fintech fad; yet at their most complex, they’re a revolutionary technology challenging the political and social underpinnings of society. This article will demystify cryptocurrencies’ appeal, its complex underlying technology, and its value. It will also examine the accounting and regulatory, and privacy issues surrounding the space.
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