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Michael J. McDonald

The New Risk Management Playbook: Black Swans and the Rise of Scenario Analysis

By Michael J. McDonald
Want a risk management strategy that fosters resilience and reveals new opportunities? Shift your focus from predicting events to preparing for impacts.
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Hudson Cashdan

Modeling an Asset Class: Why Wall Street May Be in the Single-family Rental Market for Keeps

By Hudson Cashdan
Wall Street has its eye on the single-family rental market. A convergence of rising home prices, changing rental preferences, and advancing technology is fueling the boom.
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Natasha Ketabchi

Business Analytics Tips: Harness Your Data to Improve Decision-making

By Natasha Ketabchi
Many organizations that think they’re data-driven are still in first gear. How do you go from simply collecting a lot of data to setting up a business analytics function that actually tells you how to tweak your model to improve profitability?
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Ishwinder Singh, CFA

Robo-advisor Industry Portfolio Risk: Efficiency or Corner-cutting?

By Ishwinder Singh, CFA
Robo-advisor investing uses algorithms (instead of humans) for portfolio selection and rebalancing. Its affordable ways have opened up wealth management options to the masses, but its means of quantifying risk need more sophistication and tailoring to individual circumstances.
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Martin Schwarzburg

A Century of Pandemics - Counting the Economic Costs

By Martin Schwarzburg
What are the real financial impacts of a pandemic like COVID-19? Using data from past pandemics and recent research, we estimate the current and projected costs.
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Martin Schwarzburg

The Commercial Real Estate Market in 2020

By Martin Schwarzburg
Where are we now in the commercial real estate cycle? We analyze current market dynamics, risks, yield expectations, and trends to determine potential well-positioned commercial real estate investments in 2020.
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Ankur Chandra

Human vs. Machine: The Next Frontier of Wealth Management

By Ankur Chandra
Since the introduction of index funds in the 1970s, the investment management industry has embraced the use of software to enhance its decision-making. With robo-advisors reaching further prominence, will machines replace humans in the world of wealth management?
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Peter Wells

Climbing the IoT Value Chain

By Peter Wells
Impactful applications of IoT are certain to emerge in the near future. We explore how finance professionals should think of the value it can generate for their business by creating a thought framework.
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Jamie Mariani

Why Do Share Buybacks Fail? Some Suggested Remedies

By Jamie Mariani
Share buyback schemes, if executed poorly, can be disastrous for shareholders and company stakeholders. Using three examples from the UK market, reasons for failure are explored with some suggested remedies for managers making capital allocation decisions.
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