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An Effective ROI Framework for Developing a Work-from-anywhere Policy

by John Lee

As workers increasingly prioritize flexible working arrangements, Toptal finance expert John Lee suggests a strategy to help employers balance the potential risks and rewards of offering a WFA option.

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Bringing an Outsourced Finance Team In-house: A Case Study

by James Hamory

LendEDU, a Y Combinator-backed startup, spent more than $50,000 on its outsourced finance department to create professional monthly financial statements. There was just one problem—they couldn’t trust the numbers.

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Digital Companies and the Valuation of Intangible Assets

by Surya Krishnan

The move to a digital economy has coincided with a higher proportion of enterprise value - 84% of the S&P 500 - being derived from intangible assets, such as patents and software. Yet, accounting rules have not caught up with this shift and current disclosure practices can paint an incomplete picture for investors.

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The Statistical Edge: Enhance Your Metrics with the Actuarial Valuation Method

by Dani Freidus

Traditionally confined to the realms of insurance and pensions, actuaries are now branching out into the wider business world. The long-termist and statistical approach of actuarial science makes it an invaluable tool for recurring income businesses. This article looks at how, showing examples of usage within customer lifetime value and human resources.

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