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Kalil Gebrim Rodrigues

Name Your Price: 4 Counterintuitive Pricing Strategy Tips

By Kalil Gebrim Rodrigues
Rising inflation means it’s crucial for managers to pay close attention to pricing. Toptal finance expert Kalil Rodrigues shares four outside-the-box tips for optimizing your pricing strategy.
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Zachary Elfman

Supply Chain Lessons and Opportunities: Notes on a Crisis

By Zachary Elfman
The supply chain crisis has caused global players and local businesses alike to rethink logistics networks. Here’s how the world economy can emerge stronger and more resilient.
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Michael J. McDonald

How Roblox Became One of Gaming’s Hottest Companies

By Michael J. McDonald
Roblox Corp. is an online gaming company with no history of blockbuster titles and whose biggest market is preteens. Yet, after its IPO in mid-March, the company’s value surpassed industry stalwart Electronic Arts Inc. So what’s the secret to its success?
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Melissa Lin

Hard Seltzer Industry: Unlikely to Fizzle Out

By Melissa Lin
In 1994, Coors introduced Zima, a low-ABV beverage alternative to wine coolers. Ultimately, the product flopped. Yet, today there are more than 65 hard seltzers. What dynamics are driving the booming hard seltzer market?
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Jimmy Stone

Why Music Royalties Are an Attractive Asset Class

By Jimmy Stone
In the current market environment of low yields and interest rates, music royalties are an increasingly attractive asset class. Their low correlation with macroeconomic performance and high income potential have resulted in more investors taking notice of their financial potential.
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Jimmy Stone

The State of the Music Industry in 2020

By Jimmy Stone
The music recording industry presents a great example of how businesses must continually transform and adapt to change. After piracy and unbundling drove 15 years of revenue decline, the global industry has returned to growth, primarily due to streaming.
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Francesco Castellano

A Deep Dive into the Future of Mobility

By Francesco Castellano
The paradigm of what a car is and how we use it is changing. Energy innovation, artificial intelligence advances, societal tastes, and environmental concerns are all affecting how we get around in the future.
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Natasha Ketabchi

How Freelance Private Equity Consultants Unlock Shareholder Value

By Natasha Ketabchi
How can PE funds effectively deploy $1.5 trillion in dry powder? One solution: outsource certain types of work to high-quality freelance private equity consultants. Consultants can enhance a PE team’s firepower both internally and externally.
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Brendan Fitzgerald

Strategies for Raising Startup Capital in Small Markets

By Brendan Fitzgerald
Raising startup capital in smaller cities is harder than in prominent areas, like Silicon Valley. Strategies for fundraising must be tweaked to account for the different blend of investors on offer.
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