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Jimmy Stone

Why Music Royalties Are an Attractive Asset Class

By Jimmy Stone
In the current market environment of low yields and interest rates, music royalties are an increasingly attractive asset class. Their low correlation with macroeconomic performance and high income potential have resulted in more investors taking notice of their financial potential.
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Jimmy Stone

The State of the Music Industry in 2020

By Jimmy Stone
The music recording industry presents a great example of how businesses must continually transform and adapt to change. After piracy and unbundling drove 15 years of revenue decline, the global industry has returned to growth, primarily due to streaming.
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Fatigued by the Subscription Business Model

By Toptal Talent Network Experts
The subscription business model has existed for generations but has recently surged in popularity. In efforts to replicate the success of the SaaS sector, consumer products startups are increasingly trying to stimulate recurring revenue by offering subscriptions.
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Francesco Castellano

Feeding the Future: An Overview of Agrifood Technology

By Francesco Castellano
As environmental, social, and demographic factors increasingly put pressure on traditional food production, investors and entrepreneurs are turning to innovation. Many promising startups are emerging, all with a focus on producing food in a more efficient and sustainable way.
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Steven Southwick
By Steven Southwick
Education has rapidly evolved away from the red-brick schoolhouse model. About $7.0 billion was invested globally by VC funds into the edtech market in 2019. This is expected to grow 3x over the next decade. Where is the money going? What characteristics do new competitors need to be sustainable?
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Francesco Castellano

Feeding the Future: An Overview of the Agrifood Industry

By Francesco Castellano
The amount of money pouring into Agrifood tech has increased more than sixfold since 2012: from $3 billion to almost $18 billion. In the first part of this series, we examine the three changing conditions making this field ripe for innovation and analyze emerging technologies.
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Aaron Chockla

Are Million-dollar Markets Better Than Billion-dollar Markets?

By Aaron Chockla
Entrepreneurs have been hardcoded to aim at billion-dollar sized markets with their solutions. However, such lucrative markets will appeal to many others and thus, are hard to succeed in. Going after smaller market sizes may be the more logical path to success.
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Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA

Green for Takeoff: Inside the Electric Airplane Industry

By Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA
Will electric airplanes dramatically reduce fuel costs, save the environment, and jumpstart the dying regional industry? In this article, we examine why electric airplanes are having their moment in the sun. We size the market, take bets on the winning players, investigate the challenges in current technologies, and take a guess at when you'll be flying in an electric plane.
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Zachary Elfman

Libation Frontiers: A Deep Dive into the World Wine Industry

By Zachary Elfman
The global wine industry generates $29 billion in annual revenue and is at an inflection point. Societal and taste changes are poised to bring new frontiers and opportunities to the industry.
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