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Zachary Elfman

Supply Chain Lessons and Opportunities: Notes on a Crisis

By Zachary Elfman
The supply chain crisis has caused global players and local businesses alike to rethink logistics networks. Here’s how the world economy can emerge stronger and more resilient.
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Michael J. McDonald

Refining Your Middle-market Merger Strategy: From Acquisition to Integration

By Michael J. McDonald
The M&A failure rate runs as high as 90%, and middle-market companies tend to fare worse than larger ones due to more limited resources. Here’s how to ensure that your next acquisition succeeds.
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Jeff Anapolsky

Distressed M&A: Assessing Opportunities for Bargain Purchases

By Jeff Anapolsky
Bankruptcy often presents an opportunity to purchase quality distressed assets at bargain prices. However, it also brings major challenges in terms of assessing the value of businesses with difficult realities, dwindling liquidity, limited resources, and uncertain prospects.
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Jeff Anapolsky

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: What Is It and What Happens Next?

By Jeff Anapolsky
Bankruptcy is a high-stakes game for creditors and debtors. Understanding the process steps of a Chapter 11 reorganization is critical for related parties looking to protect their interests.
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Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA

Corporate Venture Capital: The Devil...or an Innovative Growth Channel?

By Elizabeth J. Howell Hanano, CFA
In industries seeing stagnant growth or a negative impact from uncontrollable, outside forces, many companies are turning to corporate venture capital as an alternative means to innovation. Yet, famed venture capitalist Fred Wilson once said that corporate venture capital was the “devil.”
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Natasha Ketabchi

What Happened to BlackBerry: Zombie Stock or Comeback King?

By Natasha Ketabchi
What happened to Blackberry? The company, once the most valuable in Canada, has effectively been a zombie stock for a while. Is the picture painted by the stock a fair one, particularly for a company whose revenues are up 20% YoY?
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Nathan Krishnan S

Equity Levels of Value: The Logic Behind Premiums and Discounts

By Nathan Krishnan S
Business value is much more than just the sum of discounted future cash flows. There are strategic elements related to equity control that also determine true worth. These factors manifest through control, liquidity, marketability, and synergistic discounts and premiums.
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Jonathan Wesner, CFA

Valuation Drivers to Consider During the M&A Sale Process

By Jonathan Wesner, CFA
While selling one’s company can seem like a daunting and difficult task, there exists a proven model and framework that drives valuation to maximum levels and leads to deals successfully getting done. This post is a guide for those contemplating a sale, as to what are the primary and secondary valuation drivers in a sale and how the process is conducted.
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Javier Enrile

Representations and Warranty Insurance: An M&A Tool Every Seller Should Know About

By Javier Enrile
Relatively unknown until recently, representation and warranty insurance is an interesting—and often extremely effective—tool for helping M&A deals cross the finishing line. By shifting the financial risk for breaches of representation and warranties to an insurance firm, these arrangements can enable sellers to receive all the purchase price proceeds at closing as opposed to being exposed to liquidity risk post deal close.
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