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Melissa Lin

Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape in 2021

By Melissa Lin
More than a year after the onset of COVID-19, organizations must shift from temporary stopgap measures to more robust cybersecurity strategies and technologies. Here’s how to keep your company safe.
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Jeffrey Fidelman

Building a Business Continuity Plan

By Jeffrey Fidelman
When a disaster interrupts your business operations, a well-thought-out continuity plan can help keep your business afloat. Here are five steps you can take to protect your company from becoming one of the 40% of businesses that close up for good in the aftermath of a disaster.
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Martin Schwarzburg

Healing Broken Supply Chains: Manufacturing Outside China

By Martin Schwarzburg
Given the outbreak of COVID-19 and its disruptive impact on supply chains, many are looking to diversify their manufacturing locations. We provide an analysis of the pros and cons, current state, and outlook for major markets outside of China.
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James Costello

Small Business Resources for COVID-19: Loans, Grants, and Credits

By James Costello
Many American businesses have been forced to close or drastically cut back operations due to an unprecedented pandemic affecting the entire globe. Thankfully, the government, communities, and even private business have stepped up.
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Martin Schwarzburg

A Century of Pandemics - Counting the Economic Costs

By Martin Schwarzburg
What are the real financial impacts of a pandemic like COVID-19? Using data from past pandemics and recent research, we estimate the current and projected costs.
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Natasha Ketabchi

What to Consider in a Pandemic Business Continuity Plan

By Natasha Ketabchi
How can businesses and shareholders think about ensuring their survival in an evolving pandemic? Business continuity plans have gone out of the window. How can they be adapted to survive the current situation?
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