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Strategies To Recession-Proof Your Business

by Alex Graham, CFA

Some industries like healthcare and utilities are naturally recession-proof. However, if you operate in more cyclical sectors, there is a range of initiatives that you can implement to make your business more resilient to economic shocks.

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What Happened to BlackBerry: Zombie Stock or Comeback King?

by Natasha Ketabchi

What happened to Blackberry? The company, once the most valuable in Canada, has effectively been a zombie stock for a while. Is the picture painted by the stock a fair one, particularly for a company whose revenues are up 20% YoY?

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The 6 Most Recession-Proof Industries

by Alex Graham, CFA

Recession-proof industries either provide an absolute necessity that consumers will always keep purchasing, or have characteristics that are conducive to experiencing increased demand in downturns.

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Serving Food From the Cloud

by Naveen Sharda

The restaurant industry is infamous for its failure rate. The most common reason for failure is location. Cloud kitchens do away with this obstacle, allowing restaurants to operate without having a central hip location.

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Climbing the IoT Value Chain

by Peter Wells

Impactful applications of IoT are certain to emerge in the near future. We explore how finance professionals should think of the value it can generate for their business by creating a thought framework.

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Lyft vs. Uber: Hailing a Ride to Public Markets

by Zachary Elfman

With both expected to go public in 2019, we look at Lyft vs Uber and how they would be valued on the public markets. This analysis also comprises an overview of their respective business models, finances, and expansion strategies.

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Caution to the Wind: Views on the Renewable Energy Growth Boom

by Dhruv Tandan

Renewable energy generation, lead by solar PV and wind power, is growing at a considerable rate. Innovations are lowering the cost to generate such power to levels of traditional fossil fuels. Yet underneath the positive headlines, there are some fundamental issues that remain in the long-term sustainability of business models in the industry.

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Is $4.2 Billion Reasonable? How to Evaluate Instacart's Valuation

by Patrick Gaffney

Grocery delivery startup Instacart has recently been valued at $4.2 billion. In this article, Finance Expert Patrick Gaffney works backwards and uses some basic assumptions to determine if the valuation is reasonable. With companies opting to stay private for longer, analyzing private companies in this way can help us better understand industries typically shrouded in secrecy and provide clarity on the efficacy of certain business models.

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Why Are Emerging Market Currencies Volatile?

by Pedro Kniphoff

The attention on international payments tends to center around innovations appearing in the developed world. But what about developing countries? This article addresses what contributes to volatility and illiquidity in emerging market currencies, and how they can stabilize to become more flexible.

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