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What Designing Formula 1 Cars Can Teach You About Corporate Strategy

By Isaac Prada y Nogueira

Whether you need to fix a roadblock or test a new idea, these insights from a former Formula 1 engineer can help speed your success.

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The Financial Implications of Using AI in Marketing

By Asset Mendesh

Scarce funding is squeezing startup budgets, leading to smaller allocations for essential marketing functions such as web analytics, SEO, and email outreach. Discover how AI can enable companies to perform these tasks at significantly lower costs.

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The KPI Cure: How Healthcare Data Analytics Can Improve Medical Center Finances

By Sean Heberling

Runaway costs have plagued the US healthcare system for decades, and providers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency without jeopardizing care. Developing smarter key performance indicators can help.

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Serving Food From the Cloud

By Naveen Sharda

The restaurant industry is infamous for its failure rate. The most common reason for failure is location. Cloud kitchens do away with this obstacle, allowing restaurants to operate without having a central hip location.

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Looks That Thrill: Inside the Booming Beauty Industry

By Natasha Ketabchi

How has the beauty industry become extremely innovative? How did Glossier and The Ordinary approach (and crack) the problem of enticing consumers, building brand loyalty and creating unique experiences? The lessons are relevant for all DTC companies.

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