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Fintech and Banks: How Can the Banking Industry Respond to the Threat of Disruption?

By Toptal Talent Network Experts

Fintech attention tends to focus on startups and their efforts to unbundle the financial service industry’s suite of services. But how are banks responding to this disruptive threat? Despite their wealth, talent, and rich history of innovation, they have been sluggish to respond to the upstart movement. This article suggest four ways banks can change their tact and respond better to fintech.

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Glass-Steagall Act: Did Its Repeal Cause the Financial Crisis?

By Melissa Lin

The Glass-Steagall Act, Depression-era legislation, has had a controversial, unconventional run. 80 years after its inception, it’s made its way back into public discourse. This article examines the historical context of the Act, its erosion, and its repeal, as well as its impact on the financial crisis.

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