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Miki Mitsuoka

Freelance valuation Specialist
Miki is an experienced finance professional with over ten years of experience. She has worked closely with C-level executives providing complex analysis, including M&A transactions and due diligence, forecasting, budgeting, modeling, company valuations, and ROI analy... Click to continue

Robert Johnson

Freelance valuation Specialist
Rob is an entrepreneur and investor with expertise in technology and financial services. He helped grow a private equity fund from $0 to $900 million in assets in under two years, and now spends most of his waking hours raising capital for early stage companies. As a... Click to continue

Scott Chacon

Freelance valuation Specialist
Over his more than 8-year career in finance, Scott has helped companies of all sizes—from startups to large publicly traded corporations—to build shareholder value and achieve their strategic goals. He joined the Toptal network to spend more time on challenging clien... Click to continue

Greg Alan Eisen

Freelance valuation Specialist
Greg has a wide range of skills—having excelled in his career as a CPA in public accounting and subsequently in asset management—where he built an asset management product from $5 million in seed capital to $125 million in total assets under management. As a freelanc... Click to continue

Lianne Chan

Freelance valuation Specialist
Lianne is a top caliber financial analyst with extensive experience in PE and investment banking. She provides innovative solutions to operational challenges for small- and mid-sized companies through dynamic financial modeling and helps coach business decision maker... Click to continue

Marty Mooney

Freelance valuation Specialist
Marty is a private equity professional who also has experience working inside small- and medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of industries. He has led M&A processes and also helped CEOs create and drive strategies. In addition to closing private equity deals, h... Click to continue

Justin T. Crane

Freelance valuation Specialist
Justin's raised $80+ million of funding from institutional investors using his large Rolodex of institutional investor contacts. He is highly innovative, authentic, thoughtful, solutions-oriented, and has high integrity. Due to Justin's deep expertise in private equi... Click to continue