Elliot Luchansky, CFA, Finance Expert in Tacoma, WA, United States
Elliot Luchansky, CFA

Finance Expert in Tacoma, WA, United States

Member since March 25, 2020
Elliott has been a finance executive, investor, and entrepreneur for 15 years. In his most recent roles as CEO, COO, CFO, and board member of PE-backed tech companies, he grew EV by an average of 12x ($361 million) and closed 31 M&A transactions, working closely with PE firms (Advent) and investment bankers (Goldman Sachs). He has led tech companies with $80+ million in revenues and 150+ FTEs, and he was the CFO of a fintech company with $450 million in revenues and 550 FTEs globally.
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  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Growth Strategy
  • M&A (Buy-side)
  • Negotiation
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Rollups
  • Senior Executive Management


  • Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors

    2015 - 2020
    Cloud X Partners
    • Grew total enterprise value (TEV) 6x to $45 million, representing returns of 3.8x MOIC and a 51% IRR.
    • Overhauled 100% of the leadership team and 80% of the total inherited employee base using topgrading and Predictive Index software.
    • Attracted executives from Intuit, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle; a CIO of a public company; and a tech sales leader who was generating $100+ million in sales.
    • Compelled new leadership team members to leave high-caliber roles and accept an average cash compensation reduction of 18% in exchange for equity.
    • Successfully raised approximately $4 million in additional/secondary capital through multiple rounds of debt and equity financing to accelerate growth and innovation and extend the runway during a crisis.
    • Drove returns for shareholders of consolidated companies burning $4.8 million in cash on an annualized basis. Set priorities: enhance existing product and launch a new one, realign and expand sales and marketing, and streamline the tech architecture.
    • Led budgeting/forecasting and financial/operating analysis and steered capital raises.
    Focus areas: Senior Executive Management, Senior Executive Recruiting
  • CEO

    2015 - 2019
    • Negotiated a partnership with a highly influential organization in the accounting market to build a SaaS platform that would offer a “tech stack in a box" to accountants and bookkeepers using QuickBooks.
    • Engaged and negotiated a partnership through direct C-suite communications at Okta, the definitive leader in the rapidly growing identity and access management (IAM) market segment.
    • Raised $2 million in growth capital from an existing investor group to fund the launch of a startup product.
    • Built a team of 10 product, design, and engineering professionals based in the Seattle area, along with a dedicated offshore team in Ukraine.
    • Identified a strategic buyer of a pre-revenue product for a $1.25 million purchase price.
    Focus areas: SaaS, Platforms, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Cybersecurity, Product Market Fit, Product Roadmaps, New Products, Offshore Team Management, Agile Software Development, Lean Startups, Venture Funding, Strategic Partnerships, Sales & Channel Enablement, Talent Management, Talent Strategy, Cross-selling
  • CEO

    2015 - 2019
    • Increased TEV by 8x, positioning the company to trade at a $60 million valuation, up from a $7.5 million TEV at the time of the initial acquisition.
    • Steered a full-scale turnaround, accelerating revenue growth 5x, constituting a 180-degree shift from when the business was acquired and YOY revenue growth had declined 78% over the prior three years.
    • Raised sales closing rates by over 20%, including capturing the largest customer in iNSYNQ's 20-year history by a multiple of 10x, and increased the average revenue per new client 35%.
    • Increased annualized recurring revenue (ARR) by approximately 20% net through an aggressive restructuring to a pricing and packaging model, leveraging market research and econometrics-driven algorithms.
    • Provided pivotal leadership during an exogenous "total loss of capital" type event. Navigated PR and lawsuits, laid off 1/3 of the workforce, raised $1.5 million in emergency financing, and then successfully exited at around 3x the initial TEV.
    Focus areas: Senior Executive Management, Senior Executive Recruiting, Business Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Pricing, Pricing Plans, Pricing Models, CFO, CEO, Compensation, Sales Compensation Structuring, Go to Market, Private Clouds, Cloud Computing, Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Customer Lifetime, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), LTV:CAC, Unit Economics, Product Sales, Sales & Channel Enablement, Sales Operations, Corporate Finance, M&A (Sell-side), Board of Directors, Communication Strategy, Talent Management, Talent Strategy, Headcount Management, Organizational Design, Culture Development, Organizational Structure, Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Budget Modeling, Board Presentations, Board-level Reporting, Google SEO, Organic SEO, SEO Content, SEM, Customer Support, Customer Service, Customer Development, Customer Engagement, Upselling, Cash Flow Analysis, Cash Management, Free Cash Flow (FCF), Event Marketing, Cross-selling
  • Co-founder, Managing Partner

    2013 - 2015
    Elm Equity Partners
    • Successfully closed two private equity buyouts in the SaaS and cloud computing markets.
    • Designed and implemented a proprietary deal sourcing engine, leveraging a high degree of automation to engage with business owners on a personal level at scale, resulting in 16 high-quality, proprietary acquisition targets.
    • Raised capital from 20+ investors with $4+ billion in collective investable capital. Deployed seed capital to source acquisition targets and fund a 24-month search. Closed two affiliated acquisitions in 16 months, ahead of schedule and below budget.
    • Recruited, hired, and trained 20 analysts to narrow down the search to 10 target markets offering 20+ sufficient acquisition targets with $5-$50 million in revenues, source acquisition targets, and evaluate target acquisitions that gained traction.
    • Received company and industry recognition: named All-Star Fundraiser of The Year, invited to speak at the SuperInvestor PE conference on fundraising, and garnered media coverage from the Wall Street Journal and PE Hub.
    Focus areas: Private Equity, Fundraising, Seed Fundraising, Deal Sourcing, Term Sheet Negotiations, Letters of Intent, Deal Execution, LBO, Debt Raises, Equity Raises, M&A (Buy-side), Fund Structure
  • COO and CFO

    2011 - 2013
    Tradeweb Markets (Tradeweb Direct Line of Business)
    • Reversed EBITDA from negative performance to $20+ million, adding $300+ million in TEV.
    • Skyrocketed revenue from $10 million to $82 million, representing a 186% CAGR after assuming a co-lead role and overseeing daily operations, strategic sales, and strategic acquisitions.
    • Turned Tradeweb Direct around. It had been burning $4 million in cash annually and ranked last among four competitors in the niche market of electronic bond trading in the retail investment community.
    • Led all facets of a $220 million acquisition of the largest competitor, owned by private equity firm Advent. Directly managed a team of Goldman Sachs investment bankers and participated in raising $180 million in equity capital.
    • Articulated the strategic direction and guided daily operations while also managing finance; evaluating the competitive landscape; spearheading enterprise sales efforts; launching new, strategic initiatives. and overseeing all M&A activities.
    • Led all facets of a $10 million acquisition of a financial advisor portfolio analytics software company.
    • Oversaw explosive growth in personnel from 40 to 156 employees.
    • Drove millions of dollars in incremental revenue through cross-pollinating an inter-dealer brokerage (IDB) operation in the municipal bond market with the Tradeweb Direct retail investor-focused liquidity pool.
    • Played a key role in driving an exponential acceleration in organic revenue growth through direct involvement in the sales processes for multiple large custodian clients (e.g., Wells Fargo), negotiating multi-million dollar multi-year contracts.
    Focus areas: Sales Planning, P&L Management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Senior Executive Management, Strategic Partnerships, Pricing Strategy, Product Strategy, Strategic Planning & Execution, Financial Modeling, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Growth Equity, Portfolio Analytics, Fixed Income, Liquidity Events, Shareholder Liquidity & Succession, Compensation Plans, Compensation, Growth Strategy, Sales Growth, Partnership Structuring, Cross-cultural Communication, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Rapid Development, Talent Management, Talent Strategy, Leadership Strategy, Thought Leadership, Contract Negotiation, Term Sheet Negotiations, M&A (Buy-side), M&A Modeling, Credit Investing, Launch Strategy, Structured Products, Corporate Finance, Corporate Development, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Chief Strategy Officer, COO, CEO, CFO, Turnaround Management, Large-scale Turnaround & Transformation, Inorganic Growth, Competitive Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Industry Analysis, Cross-cultural Management, Cross-functional, Legal Documentation, Financial Regulations, Regulatory Management, Geographic Locations, Valuation Multiples, Executive Coaching, Executive Presentations, Product Market Fit, Debt Raise, Equity Capital, Equity Investment, Equity Valuation, Private Equity Valuation, Project Planning, IT Projects, Debt Capital Markets, Private Capital Markets, Capital Budgeting, Capital Markets, Economic Analysis, Investment Return Scenario Analysis, Scenario Analysis, Execution, Deal Execution, Growth, Growth Capital Raising, Broker Dealers, Deal Structures, Deal Structuring, Investment Briefs, Board Decks, Board Presentations, Strategy, Company Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Channel Optimization, Sales & Channel Enablement, Contract Drafting, Long-term Contracts, Headcount Management, Interviews, Market Estimates, Go to Market, Market Research, Sales Operations, Operations, IT Operations, Pricing Software, Software, Software Design, System Integration, Synergy Cost Project Management, M&A Earn-out Agreements, Cross-selling, Post-merger Integration
  • Global Head of FP&A (Evolved into effectively being the interim CFO)

    2010 - 2011
    Tradeweb Markets
    • Recruited by the CEO to support the global CFO (and later take over most CFO responsibilities) for a global fintech company with $450 million in revenues and 550+ FTEs spread across three continents.
    • Served as the primary IR contact for executives from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Barclays, etc.
    • Oversaw the global budget cycle, working closely with the CEO and managing directors leading each line of business, region, and department; established an EBITDA margin of 48%; and drove double-digit YOY organic revenue growth.
    • Played a key role in negotiating and architected the recapitalization of a multi-billion dollar company.
    • Acted as the primary intermediary between the CEO and 12 managing directors globally in terms of budgeting, compensation, financial performance, hiring/firing, equity compensation, pricing, KPIs and dashboarding, and trend analysis.
    • Collaborated with the CTO in managing a $60 million internal technology budget.
    • Structured compensation and incentive programs for over 100 bond traders as well as the T&E budget of more than $10 million. Designed an incentive structure to promote the adoption of a hybrid voice/eTrading platform.
    • Managed the cash position of more than $100 million. Responsible for quarterly multi-million dollar dividend distributions.
    • Implemented a new subscription pricing model to buy-side customers that increased revenue by over $15 million.
  • Vice President

    2008 - 2010
    Tradeweb Markets
    • Launched an IDB platform by leading a $65 million acquisition.
    • Grew revenues by around 23% in one quarter by increasing efficiencies with software developed internally to automate the workflows of acquired traders. This represented an increase in market share from zero to around 11%.
    • Led the $85 million sale of a line of business to Thompson Reuters.
    • Negotiated a $20+ million deal with a major financial news provider to monetize market data.
    • Generated $100+ million, representing around $320 million in additional enterprise value, by accelerating expansion into the IDB market through two acquisitions and added efficiencies gained through the development of proprietary software.
    • Led the process of evaluating a multi-million dollar investment to expand into Latam markets.
    • Directed a $1.4 billion restructuring to better align the interests of investors and simplify the ownership structure.
    • Led all facets of a potential $15 million software company acquisition based in Paris and intended to complement Tradeweb's core European offering in the capital markets.
    • Served a key role in a potential hostile takeover acquisition of a publicly traded competitor for approximately $400 million. Navigated poison pill and golden parachute tactics employed by the target.
    Focus areas: Corporate Development, Growth Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate Finance, Competitive Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Equity Research, Equity Research Analysis, Financial Modeling, Valuation, DCF Valuation, DCF Modeling, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable Company Analysis, Board-level Reporting, Board Presentations, Compensation, Compensation Plans, Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Electronic Trading, Strategic Planning & Execution, Business Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Exit Strategy, Recapitalization, Incentive Plan Design, Interest Rate Trading, Executive Summaries, Senior Executive Management, Executive Presentations, Investment Banking, Fixed-income Derivatives, Global Strategy, Hiring Process Development, Recruiting, Interviews, Team Management, Software Design, Deal Execution, Cross-cultural Management, Cross-currency Swaps, Financial Technology, Technology, Software, Valuation Modeling, Private Equity Valuation, Equity Valuation, Emerging Markets
  • Assistant Vice President

    2005 - 2008
    National Financial Partners (NFP)
    • Participated directly in closing 22 acquisitions, including 12 direct platform acquisitions and 10 add-on acquisitions to existing portfolios, generating $1.1 billion in value and $110 million of EBITDA.
    • Oversaw the acquisition of a regional market-leading insurance brokerage company, adding $40 million in valuation and establishing the highest market share in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan market.
    • Drafted investment memoranda and presented to the investment committee, receiving approval for 22 out of 23 proposed investment opportunities.
    • Interacted directly with the CEO and CFO on a weekly basis, along with the EVP/Head of M&A on a daily basis.
    • Led the recruitment, interview process, and training of two analysts.
    • Participated directly in sourcing 60 investment/acquisition opportunities.
    Focus areas: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Fundraising, Investment Committee Advisory, Target Sourcing, Deal Sourcing, Deal Structures, Deal Analysis, Deal Advisory, Deal Structuring, Deal Execution, Legal Structuring, Legal Contract Drafting, Board-level Reporting, Board Presentations, Recruiting, Interviews, Due Diligence, Financial Analysis, EBITDA, Negotiation, Term Sheet Negotiations, Asset Purchase Agreements, Private Equity, Equity Financing, Market Estimates, Market Opportunity Analysis, Market Assessment, Executive Presentations, Mentorship & Coaching, Investment Banking, Equity Valuation, Financial Modeling, Investment Memoranda, Relationship Building, Relationship Management, M&A Pipeline Management, Insurance Broking, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Executive Consulting, Executive Summaries, Sensitivity Analysis, Scenario Analysis, Investment Briefs, Investment Analysis, Investment Thesis, Operating Models, Revenue & Expense Projections, Equity Investment, Portfolio Management


  • MBA in Leadership, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Value Investing
    2011 - 2013
    Columbia Business School - New York, NY, USA
  • Executive Education certificate in Strategic Financial Analysis
    2010 - 2010
    Harvard Business School - Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Bachelor's degree in Managerial Economics
    2001 - 2005
    Union College - Schenectady, NY, USA


  • Predictive Index Talent Optimization Leader
    MARCH 2018 - PRESENT
    The Predictive Index
  • Certified Topgrading Interviewer
  • CFA Charterholder
    CFA Institute

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