Karim Kadry, Finance Expert in Burlington, ON, Canada
Karim Kadry

Finance Expert in Burlington, ON, Canada

Member since August 17, 2018
Over his 20-year career in investment banking, Karim led deals ranging from $5 million to $2 billion, coordinating closely with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and directors in a wide variety of industries. He has collaborated with teams as small as two people, as well as large corporates like UBS. As a freelancer, Karim enjoys being exposed to different sectors, meeting new people and tackling challenges. He is a CFA charter holder and has a joint MBA from IESE.
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  • Accounting Services
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Investment Banking
  • Travel Agencies & Services
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  • Investment Manager

    2012 - PRESENT
    Private Equity Funds in Calgary
    • Built detailed financial models of companies and projects, including return analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk assessment, and valuation.
    • Prepared to sell pitches and gave presentations to raise capital - including $50 million from a single institutional client for a new idea.
    • Sourced, screened, performed due diligence, and executed asset purchases for portfolios worth $100 million.
    • Sourced, performed due diligence, and executed asset purchases for a $25 million non-leveraged farmland portfolio that was later sold for an IRR of 15%.
    • Led a team of five financial professionals covering the western Canadian market.
    • Managed a team of 6 handling administrative and back-office matters. They also issue investor updates and periodical releases.
    • Developed a strategic plan and financial forecasting model supporting a $5 million stake in the managing company.
    • Handled all administrative, regulatory, and legal aspects of launching new funds. This included launching a fund in two weeks to capture the registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) season.
    Focus areas: Fundraising, Fund Governance, Funding Process, Fund Structure, Cash Flow Forecasting, Cash Flow, Project Finance, Budgeting, Wealth Management, Capital Structuring, Capital Raising, Fund Management, Financial Modeling, Cash Flow Modeling, Valuation Modeling, Forecasting, Business Models, Partnerships, M&A Modeling, Due Diligence
  • Head of Investment Banking

    2010 - 2012
    Global Investment House
    • Sourced, analyzed, and successfully closed acquisition deals, including the successful sale of a $30 million oil services company in three months.
    • Conceptualized, designed and built many selling pitches - including a pitch of a holding company with 17 subsidiaries.
    • Designed, built and produced marketing materials and presentations, including a digital media presentation for the sale of a multi-media company.
    • Built detailed financial models of companies and projects, including return analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk assessment, and valuation.
    • Built detailed turnaround strategic plans aimed at enhancing the value of takeover targets, including adding new market sectors and segments for a retail company.
    • Analyzed regulatory and taxation environments to produce different fund structures to facilitate acquisitions.
    • Conceptualized and implemented the organizational structure, created budgets and strategic plans of the division and target firms.
    • Supervised and carried out in-depth analyses of different firms aimed at reaching fair values, optimum capital structures, most suitable exit scenarios and tailored unique investment structures.
    Focus areas: Debt Restructuring, Financial Restructuring, Market Research, Finance Structures, Fund Structure, Startup Funding, Equity Capital, Investor Presentations, Capital, Business Advisory, Acquisitions, Accounting, Transaction Modeling, Valuation Modeling, Cash Flow Modeling, M&A Modeling, DCF Valuation, Valuation Analysis, Valuation Multiples, Valuation, Corporate Finance, Capital Structuring, Capital Raising, Debt Raises, Debt Structuring, Equity Valuation, Equity Offerings, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Fundraising, Forecasting, Business Models, Partnerships, Due Diligence
  • Senior Portfolio Manager

    2009 - 2010
    Prime Holding Group
    • Managed institutions and high net worth individuals’ portfolios and mutual funds, including a $2 billion pension portfolio for the national bank of Egypt.
    • Managed direct investment funds, which entailed analyzing potential target firms, sitting on board of acquired firms, setting strategic plans for acquired firms.
    • Oversaw and helped in the compiling of performance reports and presented the reports to portfolio holders.
    • Set the strategic vision of the whole group and the investment criteria through membership in the holding firm’s investment committee.
    • Built and gave presentations to potential investors that lead to successfully managing their portfolios, including the successive engagement of 5 investment portfolios for a high net worth individual totaling $300 million.
    • Worked along with lawyers, advisers, and marketers to launch and raise capital for new funds, including one of Egypt's first dollar-denominated USD funds.
    Focus areas: Value Investing, Investment Thesis, Investment Monitoring, Risk Analysis, Risk Models, Performance Management, Fund Formation, Stock Trading, Investment Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analysis, Equity Valuation, Equity Research, Forecasting, M&A Modeling
  • Chief Executive Officer

    2007 - 2009
    Inertia Investment
    • Founded Inertia Investment Group, a group of investment companies; also served as CEO and was responsible for overseeing the strategic initiatives, maintaining client relationships, and directing operations.
    • Made the concept into a reality through the launching of the company, compiling the founding partners, raising the seed capital, completing all regulatory and legal requirements to start the company.
    • Built and executed the strategic plan for the company to become the fastest growing investment house in the middle east.
    • Developed and implemented a strategic plan and financial forecasting model for the company's brokerage arm, which enabled it to become the fastest growing Egyptian brokerage house in 2008.
    • Planned and executed the research department for the company - including building the organizational chart and setting duties and responsibilities, complete recruitment process to hire 10 analysts, designing the periodical publications as well as the research templates for different market sectors.
    • Oversaw the analysis and write-ups of all the research products, including publishing market, economic, sector and company reports.
    • Solely built the group's strategic plan that led to the expansion of the group to comprise three branches with 65 finance professional working for the group.
    Focus areas: Financial Management, Cash Management, Cost Management, Wealth Management, Expense Reduction, Stock Trading, Equity Research Analysis, Debt Restructuring, Market Research, M&A Reporting, Investment Briefs, Broker Setup, Brokerage, Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Business Advisory, Equity Capital, Growth Equity, Private Equity, Equity Offerings, Equity Valuation, Equity Financing, Equity Research, Initial Public Offerings, Capital Markets, Reverse Mergers, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Forecasting, Business Models, Partnerships, M&A Modeling, Due Diligence
  • Regional Senior Vice President

    2005 - 2007
    Naeem Holding
    • Headed private equity activities of GCC team in Egypt and North Africa with total of $2 billion in assets under management.
    • Managed direct investments of the firm and the firm’s clients, including a 20% share in one of the region's biggest oil refineries.
    • Structured and engineered financial deals from a buy-side perspective aimed at generated the highest returns possible.
    • Set up and implemented the strategic plan at the holding level through membership in the executive management committee of the holding firm.
    • Analyzed capital structure of firms in order to understand optimum capital structures and reaching such structures through diverse financial structures and deals.
    Focus areas: M&A (Buy-side), Early-stage Venture Capital, Venture Funding, Debt Restructuring, Convertible Debt, Debt Structuring, Debt Raises, Valuation, Equity Financing, Capital Raising, Fund Structure, Private Equity, Forecasting
  • Senior Analyst

    2004 - 2005
    CIB Bank (Chase in Egypt)
    • Utilized different market analysis tools to strategically analyze the Bank’s market competitiveness, with the aim to increase the bank's market share and pocket share. Recommended strategies led to a 10% increase in the bank's market share.
    • Monitored the bank's daily, weekly, monthly, and annual positions across the different financial markets to successfully keep the Bank’s exposure to market risk within the set limit.
    • Assisted in constructing 5-year and 20-year strategic business plans and financial models for the entire Bank with clear segmentation by business lines.
    • Constructed a financial model measuring risk, used by the bank for five years instead of purchasing a ready-made program for USD $10 million and annual fees of USD $0.5 million.
    Focus areas: Market Prioritization, Money Market, Market Opportunity Analysis, Market Models, Market Research, Third-party Risk, Country Risk, Quantitative Risk Analysis, FX Risk Analysis, Risk Analysis, Risk Models, Strategic Planning


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in General Management
    2005 - 2007
    IESE Business School with Nile University - Spain, Egypt
  • High Diploma in Finance
    1999 - 2001
    American University - Cairo, Egypt
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
    1991 - 1996
    Cairo University - Egypt


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    JUNE 2006 - PRESENT
    CFA Institute
  • Certified Finance Specialist
    JUNE 2001 - PRESENT
    American University in Cairo

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