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Puneet Sapra

Puneet Sapra

New York, NY, United States
Member since March 1, 2017
Puneet has helped Fortune 100 companies, $250 million revenue PE-backed companies, and startups perform financial analysis for strategic investments, turnarounds, and capital transactions. He has extensive experience working with founders, boards of directors, external partners, and internal FP&A and accounting teams to grow organizations. He freelances to support a wide variety of clients with diverse business opportunities and challenges.
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Career Highlights
Case studies
Industry Expertise
  • Biotech
  • Financial Services
  • Health Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
Other Expertise
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • Healthcare Media
  • Healthcare Services
  • Information Technology
  • CFO
    2013 - 2017
    • Developed a three-year strategic plan to increase revenue, profit, and return on investment for each of the company's business units, product lines, and functional areas.
    • Developed reporting and control systems to meet requirements from the board of directors, lending group, management team, and auditor.
    • Led accounting, finance, tax, and treasury teams through a review of goals, objectives, work planning, and process improvement initiatives in support of company objectives.
    • Led the evaluation of potential internal capital expenditure investments as well as potential external partnership and acquisition investments.
    • Led strategic sale transactions of three divisions to Fortune 500 buyers in pharmaceutical, health information services, and life sciences industries.
    Focus areas: Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Business Plan Development, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Physicians, Health insurance
  • Business Leader
    2010 - 2013
    • Developed a strategic plan and financial forecasting model in support of a $10 million investment to form an internal data and analytics operating group.
    • Developed an investment case for a $5 million corporate investment in external private equity fund.
    • Developed a strategic operating plan for a global innovation program, including innovation learning and development initiatives, rewards and incentives for entrepreneurship, and internal investments in new ventures.
    • Helped external startups develop fundraising plans for angel and Series A financing of up to $1 million.
    • Led the creation of a new internal governance committee to oversee global business process improvement and transformation as well as innovation initiatives in R&D, marketing, sales, and business development.
    Focus areas: Strategy, Business case development, Financial analysis, Angel investment, Private equity investment, Pharmaceuticals, Real world evidence, Data and analytics
  • Vice President of Strategy and Operations
    2006 - 2010
    Vascular Therapies
    • Developed a financial model for venture capital fundraising of a $20 million Series A to support pivotal clinical trial of a drug-device combination product.
    • Developed an internal budgeting process to enable the leadership team to control cash flow during the development phase of lead product candidates.
    • Supported the creation of a product development strategy to prioritize resources toward markets with the largest profit potential in Europe, Asia, and the United States.
    • Supported negotiations of research and development partnerships with drug suppliers and significant vendors to align incentives for accelerated product launch.
    • Managed accounts receivable and accounts payable to increase cash conversion of business and support financing of product development program.
    Focus areas: Strategy, Financial Planning & Analysis, Venture Funding, Capital Raising, Product development, Medical device, Drug device combination products, Health insurance, Asia, Emerging markets, Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial Analyst
    1999 - 2004
    • Built financial models for interest rate derivatives to enable Fortune 500 clients in consumer products, industrials, and municipals sectors to manage interest rate and credit risks.
    • Built financial models for cash flow credit analysis for PE-backed leveraged buyouts of companies in media, utilities, and energy sectors.
    • Built financial models for M&A valuations for clients in the healthcare industry.
    • Ran the process for capital raising for high-yield debt and leveraged loans for private equity firms seeking to finance acquisition of companies in media, utilities, and energy sectors.
    • Developed an eCommerce platform to educate and facilitate transactions with municipal clients seeking to mitigate interest rate risks within tax-exempt bond and loan portfolios.
    Focus areas: Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Budgeting, Derivatives, Capital Raising, Leveraged buyouts, Consumer products, Industrials, Municipal bonds
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management
    2004 - 2006
    Harvard University - Boston, MA
  • Bachelor's degree in Physics, Economics
    1995 - 1999
    Duke University - Durham, NC
  • Certificate in Finance
    1997 - 1997
    London School of Economics and Political Science - London, UK
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