Sameer Bakhru, CFA, Finance Expert in New Delhi, Delhi, India
Sameer Bakhru, CFA

Finance Expert in New Delhi, Delhi, India

Member since February 12, 2019
As a business and finance consultant, Sameer has led a $100 million franchise partnership for a global youth brand in Asia. His experience includes fundraising, business strategy, asset sales, corporate finance, and M&A. Sameer has worked with billionaires, private equity firms, and family offices, which provided him with unique insights on investor mindsets. Sameer joined Toptal to creatively add value to a variety of businesses.
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  • CFO

    2020 - PRESENT
    • Organized and managed QuickBooks for various group entities, including payroll, payments, and revenues.
    • Prepared fundraising collateral, including financial models and business plans.
    • Developed budgets and forecasts for projects and tracked their implementation and rationalization of costs.
    Focus areas: Accounting, Capital Raising, Funds Flow
  • Founder and CEO

    2017 - PRESENT
    Admantium Crypto Advisors
    • Raised funds for blockchain startups totalling over $20 million.
    • Provided business consulting to startups across the world, including Asia, the US, and Canada.
    • Served as CFO for crypto and blockchain startups, managing their fundraising exercises and their finance departments.
    Focus areas: Finance, Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Founder & Financial Consultant

    2009 - PRESENT
    Pan Venture Consultants
    • Worked as the sole financial and business advisor for a $100 million project to create the country franchise of one of the largest youth brands in the world. The mandate was to plan a chain of bars, co-working spaces, and hotels within South and Southeast Asia. Project work included multiple pitch decks, marketing collateral, detailed financial and valuation models, single page teasers and term sheets.
    • Sold an under construction four-star hotel-end to end services from pitch deck and valuation models (Discounted Cash Flow and multiples), investor introduction, deal negotiation to legal financial due diligence, commercial and legal negotiations to final closure. The asset was acquired as a part of a hospitality expansion strategy of a south Asian billionaire.
    • Executed a 220-key Serviced Apartment Joint Venture, licensing and management contract. Work included valuation, shareholder, and share subscription agreements negotiation, due diligence facilitation, and management contract negotiations.
    • Built the fundraising deck and a fully functional, dynamic financial model showcasing Limited Partners and General Partners Internal Rate of Returns for a $10 million food and beverage fund focused on restaurants, food tech, and food retail.
    • Worked on the pitch deck for the sale of the country franchise of one the largest burger chains in the world. Equity finally exited in favor of the international partner.
    • Provided merger and acquisition strategic advisory to a loss-making consumer electronics chain. The company executed on the recommendation of a strategic acquisition, finally getting acquired by a Dubai-based retail electronics chain.
    • Developed the business plan, competitor study, opportunity analysis and whitepaper for a crypto-based lending website. The platform aimed to lend crypto stable coins against Bitcoin and other Altcoins as collateral. Work involved building process flow, partnering with an appropriate custodian, tie-ups with stable coins as well as partnerships with mining companies.
    • Conducted the market study, location analysis (primary drivers of electricity and rental costs) and business plan for a crypto mining farm including GPUs (graphics processing units), ASICS (application specific integrated circuits) and FPGA (field programmable gate array) miners.
    • Developed the feasibility study, financials and valuation model for mixed-use real estate development project including a hotel and commercial offices.
    • Created the feasibility study for a four-star hotel, understanding demand and supply drivers, competitor analysis, valuation. Primary and secondary research used to feed key assumptions.
    • Provided business consulting for the setup of a JV running a Singapore-based bakery chain in India. The exercise included a primary study of the Indian and Singapore market, brand positioning, menu creation, location analysis, and target market recommendation.
    • Negotiated management contracts for running of hotels and serviced apartments. Work involved soliciting brand offers, commercial negotiations, term sheet, and definitive agreement closures.
    • Created the business plan and financial model for the manufacturing of 3D printed braces, competing with clear aligners such as Invisalign, and an eCommerce platform for distribution. Work included a detailed study of the 3D printing market including Shapeways, comparison of hosting own 3D printers vs 3rd party printing providers, engaging with dentists and evaluating the feasibility of an eCommerce platform that offers the solution.
    • Created the pitch deck, financial model, and business plan for a blockchain-based token exchange platform. Comprehensive, multi-stage, and global company being built. Work involved developing the business model, market research, creating the financials and deck for funds raising.
    • Created the valuation model and report for a bitcoin ATM company in the united states. Studied the market and competitors, precedent transaction analysis, and multiples to build a base case. Used past financials to extrapolate data. Used multiples to create valuation. Data tables were used to build a valuation range. Summarised valuation memorandum prepared.
    • Developed the business plan, pitch deck, and financial model for an ecommerce marketplace using crypto for payments. Created the entire concept, and developed business model and financial projections.
    • Studied the tokenomics for a mined cryptocurrency used as a payment mechanism. Projected demand and supply dynamics and price appreciation.
    Focus areas: Business Models, Pitch Decks, Crypto, Fintech, Blockchain, Feasibility Studies, Valuation Modeling, Revenue & Expense Projections, Three Statement Operating Model, Business Advisory, Financial Modeling, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Capital Raising
  • Founder

    2016 - 2017
    • Built a website providing online to offline marketing of real jewelry, a novel concept where visitors could search for various products by location and schedule appointments with jewelers in their local area for trials.
    • On-boarded 50 jewelers to list their products on the website. Jewelers paid a monthly subscription to list products and market their offline stores.
    • Built the entire back end of the website using WordPress and 30 plugins, amended and fine-tuned using PHP.
    • Managed the dedicated server used for hosting and the database using relevant management tools.
    • Sold the startup to a likeminded entrepreneur who was trying to build a similar concept.
    Focus areas: Jewelery, Online Marketing, eCommerce


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance
    2002 - 2004
    International Management Institute - New Delhi, India
  • Bachelor's degree in Commerce
    1998 - 2001
    Delhi University - New Delhi, India


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    CFA Institute

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