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How to Build Your Startup’s Financial Model to Grab Investor Interest

By Jeffrey Fidelman

Hook investors with a financial model that instantly shows them what they need to know about your startup.

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FinanceIcon ChevronInvestors and Funding

Tough Times Don’t Have to Mean Tough Terms: Leveraging Financial and Cap Table Modeling in VC Negotiations

By Erik Stettler

When capital is scarce, VCs may tighten their terms to reduce their risk. Here’s how to think through three of the most common preferred terms to ensure you don’t give away too much of your company.

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FinanceIcon ChevronInvestors and Funding

Communicating With Investors: Best Practices for Startups

By Christopher Holloway

Investors aren’t patrons—they’re business partners, and startups should treat them as such. Regular updates and the occasional call for advice go a long way toward optimizing the relationship.

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Starting an App Business the Right Way

By Natasha Ketabchi

Building an app-based business can be a daunting project: Within such a competitive space, how can you make your app stand out, attract and retain the right audience, and then monetize it?

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