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Startup Financing for Founders: Your Companion Checklist

by Carolyn Deng, CFA

Attention on the financial aspects of startups tends to focus on the external measure of fundraising. Yet before this, there are many aspects for an entrepreneur to consider regarding setting their business up for financial success. In this article, we address eight vital considerations to take around the equity, budget, and valuation components of a startup.

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Celebrity Investors Take Over Silicon Valley

by Melissa Lin

Today, there are many celebrities that have become investors, and many investors that are borderline celebrities. One thing is clear: The division between Hollywood and Silicon Valley has become increasingly blurred. Though in the past it has been common for famous entertainers, musicians, or actors to grow their wealth through real estate, royalties, or restaurants, celebrities today are turning towards tech investments. This article explores why celebrities are drawn to Silicon Valley, the types of companies they invest in, different models of their involvement, and commentary on how it impacts the tech industry.

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Why More Entrepreneurs are Choosing To Build Search Funds over Startups

by Orinola Gbadebo-Smith

Search funds, though once an esoteric asset class and model for entrepreneurship, have seen a substantial rise in popularity in recent years. They can often represent a superior alternative to the venture-backed startup route especially for a select cohort of formally trained entrepreneurs, most of all those who deeply understand their motives, risk appetites, and contextual/financial encumbrances.

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Three Core Principles of Venture Capital Portfolio Strategy

by Alex Graham, CFA (deleted)

Many newcomers to venture capital fail to appreciate some of the nuances that distinguishes venture investing from traditional forms of financial investing. This article delves into three areas in particular that new venture investors should look to understand.

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