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Frederick Fisher, United Kingdom

Member since May 21, 2015
Fred is a versatile full-stack lead developer, technical architect, and entrepreneur with a proven track record delivering wide-ranging solutions from big data systems to websites, mobile apps, and UX design. He is an expert in databases, Python, and JavaScript. He i... Click to continue

Dmitry Zenovich, Russia

Member since October 4, 2015
Dmitry has more than fifteen years of​ working experience and over seven years of leadership experience. His proven track record includes contributing to the success of industry leaders such as Mail.Ru Group, RosBusinessConsulting, and Begun.Ru. Click to continue

Marian Kostadinov, Austria

Member since December 6, 2016
Marian is an experienced full-stack developer who has been working on web projects and applications since 2004. He wrote his first programs in 1993 and has been programming ever since. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in informatics so he transformed his hobby i... Click to continue

Emir Kurtovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since October 1, 2014
Emir is a talented software architect and developer with 20+ years of experience. He is fully capable of everything from leading a team to working solo. He enjoys finding the potential in customer ideas and improving them as needed during the development process. He ... Click to continue