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Jamie Lian, Hong Kong

Member since October 26, 2017
Jamie is a software engineer with several years of full-stack development in various companies. He specializes in JavaScript and appreciates the simplicity and unlimited potential of it. He believes that any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventual... Click to continue

Lianjie Zhang, Hong Kong

Member since January 4, 2018
Lianjie is a veteran developer with a passion for all things to do with web development. With his seven years of experience and his expertise, he's more than competent in handling most web technologies but he specializes in DevOps and in using JavaScript-related tech... Click to continue

Hanlin Wang, Hong Kong

Member since February 24, 2017
Hanlin is a Laravel artisan and DevOps specialist with a wide range of knowledge and coding ability with most modern technology stacks. He has worked with multiple startups across a variety of industries, helping to make their ideas become real products. Click to continue

Chris Yuen, Hong Kong

Member since July 3, 2016
Chris is an experienced full-stack entrepreneur who has built a variety of applications over the years: from the back-end to front-end, from disassembly to machine learning. He is passionate about staying on the forefront of technology and leveraging his experience t... Click to continue

Christophe Le Bars, France

Member since October 4, 2018
Christophe—with more than two decades of experience in Linux and web technologies—knows how to speak to machines and complex architectures are his stomping ground. He specializes in projects using open source software and the last iteration of his preferred stack inc... Click to continue

Yulij Andreevich Lesov, Hong Kong

Member since July 13, 2016
Yulij is a fast-learning polyglot developer with a keen business sense. He has distinguished himself with each of his clients by resonating with the business needs behind each project: being able to make judgments not only for the best technical solution, but also th... Click to continue

Thibault Bronchain, Hong Kong

Member since December 20, 2015
Thibault is a French technology enthusiast with experience in software and web engineering from development to deployment, back-end to DevOps, and a growing fascination with entrepreneurship. Since his graduation, he has been working with a variety of companies from ... Click to continue

Jin Zhang, Hong Kong

Member since September 18, 2017
Jin is a highly experienced and creative full-stack web developer with more than a decade of experience in web development. He has extensive knowledge of commercial and open source software/database engineering tools, design techniques, and security standards. Jin is... Click to continue