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Julia Ogris, Australia

Member since February 24, 2017
Julia has 13+ years of experience in JavaScript, Python, C++, and Java. She's worked as a software engineer at Google on the Maps JavaScript API, at Biarri automating and optimizing Australia's fiber network designs, on business intelligence, and with hardware compa... Click to continue

Simon Wade, Australia

Member since October 1, 2013
Simon is an experienced architect and tech lead having run software development teams for over 4 years. He is passionate about agile software development, good communication, and team dynamics to produce good software architecture, good design, and clean development. Click to continue

Farhad Kazemi, Australia

Member since March 11, 2014
Farhad is a senior software engineer with extensive experience in architecting/designing and implementing native cloud applications. He has a proven track record in completing successful projects for small startups as well as large enterprises and has helped them des... Click to continue

Nadeesha Cabral, Australia

Member since April 7, 2014
Nadeesha is a full-stack developer. He's a generalist with an affinity towards all things JavaScript. He has bootstrapped and sold his own startup and built things from micro search engines and back-end-less platforms to UI libraries and CMSs. Coming from a startup e... Click to continue

Dylan Clement, Australia

Member since May 21, 2013
Dylan has over 15 years of experience, currently working mostly as a product architect and lead developer. His experience is mostly in AWS and C# .NET Core, and he has a practiced eye for breaking up monoliths and connecting services. Click to continue

Elliot Fisher, Australia

Member since September 15, 2016
Elliot has been successfully freelancing as a full-stack web developer for four years—building and maintaining complex custom web applications using ASP.NET MVC with SQL Server. He works directly with most of his clients and has built some excellent working relations... Click to continue