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Stefan Cronje, South Africa

Member since April 29, 2015
Stefan is a passionate and dedicated developer who loves what he does with an attention to detail and a cool head under pressure. He loves a challenge and every aspect of data. He works well in a team, has worked with many different races and cultures, and also works... Click to continue

John Murray, South Africa

Member since December 4, 2014
John is a full-stack developer with 7+ years of experience. He has built applications ranging from bespoke enterprise CMS systems to fleet management SaaS software. An instinctive problem-solver and effective communicator, he focuses on product quality, best practice... Click to continue

Richard Smuts, South Africa

Member since July 30, 2014
Richard is a friendly, well-spoken, outgoing, intelligent individual who enjoys problem-solving. He carefully assesses the requirements of a task, taking the opportunity to think it through and working efficiently to produce easily maintainable and complete products. Click to continue

Paul W Evans, South Africa

Member since September 12, 2017
Paul has spent all ten years of his career in data. Data automation, process, warehousing, analytics, and business intelligence are just some of the many roles Paul has filled to help companies improve and even get to the cutting edge. Want to reduce your reliance on... Click to continue