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Remote Full-stack Developer Job for Cryptocurrency Industry (Full-time)

Financial Services

We are a small cryptocurrency company in the process of building a web browser that facilitates trades, commissions, and other activities. We would like to hire an engineer with financial services experience and a solid foundation in Microsoft SQL Server to bring our project across the finish line.

Additional skills for this Azure job:

Microsoft AzureSQLAngular

Project Information:

Full Time

Commitment Type

4-8 weeks

Estimated Length


Work Type

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Remote React Developer Job for Startup (Part-time)


We need a seasoned developer with deep expertise in React.js and full stack JavaScript to work directly with our CTO to accelerate our development capacities and ensure we meet our launch timeline. The implementation of the functionality and behavior of the application are in progress.

Additional skills for this React.js job:


Project Information:

Part Time

Commitment Type

2-3 months

Estimated Length


Work Type

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