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Remote Full-stack Developer Job for Cryptocurrency Industry (Full-time)

Financial Services

We are a small cryptocurrency company in the process of building a web browser that facilitates trades, commissions, and other activities. We would like to hire an engineer with financial services experience and a solid foundation in Microsoft SQL Server to bring our project across the finish line.

Additional skills for this Azure job:

Microsoft AzureSQLAngular

Project Information:

Full Time

Commitment Type

4-8 weeks

Estimated Length


Work Type

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Remote React Developer Job for Startup (Part-time)


We need a seasoned developer with deep expertise in React.js and full stack JavaScript to work directly with our CTO to accelerate our development capacities and ensure we meet our launch timeline. The implementation of the functionality and behavior of the application are in progress.

Additional skills for this React.js job:


Project Information:

Part Time

Commitment Type

2-3 months

Estimated Length


Work Type

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User interfaces are constantly evolving every day. Being a Toptal designer allows you to be at the forefront of that evolution and shape it. We have clients who want to push the envelope and an invaluable community of brilliant design minds to collaborate with and use to your advantage.

Jake Frey

Verified Expert in Design

Lead UI Designer

Expertise in:

User Experience (UX)User Interface (UI)User FlowsUser ResearchWeb UI DesigneCommerce

Joining the Toptal community has been the biggest step in my career, and I've always felt like I can count on good advice from our Angular community in tricky situations. More than anything else, this motivates me to perfect my Angular skills so I can repay the favor to others. I believe that makes us a strong family that grows stronger over time.

Ivan Mornar

Verified Expert in Engineering

Full Stack Developer

Expertise in:


Being a JavaScript developer requires a broad range of skills. Toptal allows me to continually sharpen my skills by connecting me to challenging and rewarding projects. As part of a large community of top-notch developers, I get the support I need to thrive.

Yuri Neves Silveira

Verified Expert in Engineering

Front-end Developer

Expertise in:


Node.js has a special place in the programming world since it is not always the right fit for every project but does offer unique advantages when utilized. Connecting with businesses who fully make use of the advantages of Node.js has always been challenging. With Toptal, there are so many opportunities to find the perfect match of technical challenges on a project, as well as the ability to positively impact a client’s business and feel like I am making a difference.

Tomislav Capan

Verified Expert in Engineering

Full-stack Node.js Developer

Expertise in:


Toptal has been a breath of fresh air for finding exciting projects. There’s never a shortage of unique Python opportunities, whether it's building a complex Django application, or creating data science tools. Aside from stack, one of the best aspects are the people I get to work with. All of the recruiters and clients are genuinely great people. After four successful projects, I can definitely recommend Toptal for fun and engaging jobs.

Luke Sapan

Verified Expert in Engineering

Senior Systems Administrator

Expertise in:

FlaskAmazon Web Services (AWS)DevOpsHTMLJavaScriptSQL

Toptal has enabled me to meet and work with clients from diverse industries and with very different requirements. They were all a pleasure to work with, and this has allowed me to push myself, keep learning, and benefit from a flexible environment.

Guillaume Fradin

Verified Expert in Engineering


Expertise in:


Only a few months after learning Vue.js, Toptal has already helped me employ this skill in real-world projects. As a software developer, you must never stop learning and practicing your skills, as new methodologies are invented every day. There is no better way to learn and grow than with Toptal!

Bogna Knychała

Verified Expert in Engineering

Front-end Architect

Expertise in:


Magento is one of the most complex PHP frameworks to build on top of that's out there. Toptal has given me the opportunity to work on interesting projects for quality clients who truly understand what they're getting into.

Matt Dunbar

Verified Expert in Engineering

Senior Magento Developer

Expertise in:

PHPRubyJavascriptShopifyGitShopify API

The ever-evolving digital world is full of challenges and opportunities ripe for purposeful technological solutions. Toptal connects me with clients who put the user first, defining solutions for their needs, while maximizing business value. Teaming with a virtual community of top talent provides me with the pieces I need to build an awesome product that creates value for both companies and customers.

Adan E Perez

Verified Expert in Product Management

Head of Product

Expertise in:

RoadmapProduct StrategyAgileScrumUser ExperienceMarket Research

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Jobs Come to You

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