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Enhanced Git Flow Explained

By Daniel Ivanov

Git provides basic branching operations, but advanced patterns are left up to the user. The popular "Git flow" branching model helps, but can also complicate some common procedures. Thankfully, a new variation retains the benefits, while streamlining everyday work.

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Trunk-based Development vs. Git Flow

By Konrad Gadzinowski

In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Konrad Gadzinowski dissects trunk-based development and Git flow, listing the pros and cons for various use cases.

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The Advanced Git Guide: Git Stash, Reset, Rebase, and More

By Ursula Clarke

Could you be using Git more efficiently? The answer is probably a resounding “Yes,” which is why Toptal Software Engineer Ursula Clarke wrote today’s post. In it, she teaches you how to use git stash, git reset, git bisect, git squash, and git rebase for maximum productivity.

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Open Source: It’s Not That Scary!

By Anna-Chiara Bellini

Is open source scary? Do developers think that nobody would be interested in their personal projects? What are the fears associated with publishing your own work for the public to see? In this article, Toptal Director of Engineering Anna Chiara Bellini shares how, as an accomplished engineer, she made her first contribution to GitHub. This guide features all the step-by-step basics to getting involved in open source, including everything from what open source software is, to how to start working with Git and GitHub, to actually making meaningful contributions to open source projects.

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Google Cloud Source Repositories vs. Bitbucket vs. GitHub: A Worthy Alternative?

By Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Google’s new cloud code platform does not appear to be taking on GitHub head on. Instead, Cloud Source Repositories (CSR) will allow users to connect to repositories hosted on GitHub or Bitbucket. However, everything is automatically synced to the Google Cloud Source Repository. The good news is that a Google CSR can be connected to another Git repository hosted on GitHub or Bitbucket. All changes will be synchronised on both platforms, as you can set Google CSR to automatically mirror from GitHub and Bitbucket.

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Git Workflows for Pros: A Good Git Guide

By Joe James

Git can support your project not just with version control, but also with collaboration and release management. Understanding how workflow patterns can help or hinder a project will give you the knowledge to evaluate and adapt your project's Git processes effectively.

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