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Erick Katzenstein, United States

Member since April 10, 2017
Erick is a lead developer at a technology consulting studio based in New York and Portland. Much of his professional experience includes technology development with product, automotive, and architectural designers—focusing on ways to improve the design process throug... Click to continue

Viktor Kyriazakos, Greece

Member since March 25, 2019
A results-driven and multidisciplinary professional with exceptional logical and analytical skills, Viktor has 5+ years of experience in augmented/mixed reality, computer vision, and graphics targeting mobile platforms. After having delivered several projects in both... Click to continue

Tomas Macek, Czech Republic

Member since January 20, 2016
Tomas has more than eight years of remote contract work experience as a developer. He has developed his workflow to be able to quickly and effectively deliver complete and polished end products and to clearly communicate the project's outputs. He has a strong passion... Click to continue

Alexander Dzhoganov, Bulgaria

Member since July 30, 2018
Alexander is a full-stack developer with plenty of experience in systems programming and computer graphics. He's acquired a wide variety of skills from many industries such as game development, entertainment, insurance, and telecommunications. Alexander works primari... Click to continue

Ricardo Costa, Brazil

Member since July 3, 2018
Ricardo has over ten years of experience as a professional developer focusing on game development, computer graphics (rendering, computer vision, and VR/AR), artificial intelligence, and client/server systems. He has also developed a variety of desktop applications i... Click to continue