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Jonathan Stening, Australia

Member since October 24, 2017
Jonathan is a Sydney-based digital creative with over 15 years of experience. He is focused on his craft, pays attention to detail, and is committed to best practices. He has excellent communication skills, visual design and UX skillsets, and he is familiar with busi... Click to continue

Gabriel Torello, Australia

Member since January 31, 2014
Gabriel is a self-motivated and enthusiastic developer who has designed and developed multi-platform enterprise applications and services in dynamic and static languages. He has full-stack experience doing back-end business logic and client side development. His pass... Click to continue

Dmitry Matrosov, Australia

Member since July 8, 2015
Dmitry is a highly experienced full-stack programmer and architect. His primary area of expertise is back-end development. This includes creating overall design, choosing a proper technology stack, coding, writing tests, creating deployment schemes, and more. He pref... Click to continue

Gustav Stieger, Australia

Member since June 7, 2013
Gustav is a software engineer with 25 years of experience with all levels of software and architecture. His skills include .NET/C#, ETL (extract-transform-load), SQL (including database design), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Windows Forms, and REST APIs. He is a creative, a... Click to continue