Eryn Peters
Director of Operations
As Toptal’s Director of Operations, Eryn leads the global Toptal expert community in sharing thought leadership at conferences and technical events, as well as through professional mentorship programs and online and offline expert-to-expert learning initiatives. Bringing cross-functional operational experience from time spent at Sony and Mercedes-Benz, Eryn facilitates dozens of Toptal talent initiatives, partnering with leading global conferences to connect them with the Toptal community. Eryn has a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, with a focus on experiential, quantitative marketing, and has been a speaker on the Future of Work at conferences around the world, including Moscow’s Open Innovations Forum.
Articles by Eryn Peters
Employee Retention Strategies 101: Workplace Education
Employee Retention Strategies 101: Workplace Education
As talented employees move between companies with increasing regularity, businesses are faced with a challenge: how to consistently retain their best and brightest. This article explores the use of continual employee education as a retention strategy that benefits both talent and employers.