Kleanthis Georgaris
VP of Product, Toptal
As Toptal's VP of Product, Kleanthis is responsible for the evolution of Toptal's platform and associated products, working closely with the Operations and Engineering Teams to drive and support Toptal's hypergrowth strategy. He specializes in online marketplaces, with diverse experience that include time with multi-national companies like Microsoft and McKinsey, early and late-stage startups, and as a startup founder himself. Kleanthis holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and an MBA, starting his career as a software engineer before transitioning to strategy consulting and finally to product management, where he leverages technology and data to drive business impact.
Articles by Kleanthis Georgaris
How To Lead Remote Product Teams
How To Lead Remote Product Teams
Product management plays a pivotal role in modern technology and internet companies, but the prospect of doing so remotely is likely daunting to many practitioners. Kleanthis Georgaris, Toptal’s VP of Product provides strategies for adapting to the remote environment to drive product success.