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Product Managers vs. Project Managers: Understanding Core Similarities and Differences

by Johnny Chao

Product managers and project managers are two of the most important roles in every technology company and are crucial to the future of tech. Yet they are often conflated and misunderstood. In this article (Part I in a two-part series), Johnny Chao -- Product Management Vertical Lead at Toptal, and a career product manager -- outlines the similarities and differences between each role, as well as the core skill sets that allow product and project managers to excel.

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Employee Retention Strategies 101: Workplace Education

by Eryn Peters

As talented employees move between companies with increasing regularity, businesses are faced with a challenge: how to consistently retain their best and brightest. This article explores the use of continual employee education as a retention strategy that benefits both talent and employers.

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Don't Fight Employee Turnover. Accept, Adapt, and Leverage It.

by Andy Anderson

Although employee tenures are decreasing, innovative companies embrace the trend as an opportunity to maximize impact. In this article, Andy Anderson, a Toptal Client Partner, shares perspective on how such companies view - and capitalize on - employee attrition.

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The Catch-22 Facing Academia and the Tech Sector in the War for Top Talent

by Toptal Research

Academia and the tech sector are in a war for top technical talent. As well-funded tech companies continue to poach professors and graduate students, each sector faces crucial questions that may dictate their future relationship and long-term success. This article explores strategies that Bellevue College has employed to attract and retain top technical faculty.

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The Future of Work: A View from Seattle

by Toptal Research

Major economic forces are shaping the Future of Work. Toptal sits down with executives from Seattle to hear their perspective on topics impacting companies across the US, including the talent gap and the looming threat of disruptive innovation.

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Securing A Competitive Edge: A Guide to Digital Transformation

by Toptal Research

Digital transformation is critical to an organization’s long-term competitiveness and success. This article explores the keys to driving digital transformation, focusing on a case study in the healthcare space.

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On-Demand Product Development: Driving Digital Transformation

by Sachin Bhagwata

Digital Transformation captures countless trends and emerging technologies, but what are the main forces driving it and how are companies responding? In this article we explore the recent evolution of product development within enterprise IT, the leading companies driving new trends, and a deeper case study of one company that adeptly navigated with guidance from on-demand talent.

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Call to Action: the On-Demand Business Model

by Toptal Research

On-Demand talent delivers transformative benefits, yet many companies and managers struggle to adopt this powerful resource. In this article, Paul Estes, a senior technology executive, shares how such talent has revolutionized his personal and professional life, and his advice for those aspiring to tap its potential.

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