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Erik Stettler

The Personal Finance of Career Independence

By Erik Stettler
For many highly skilled workers, the benefits of going freelance may outweigh the risks—especially right now. Toptal’s Chief Economist explains why, and reveals what he wishes he’d known when he stepped out on his own.
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Erik Stettler

How Open Talent Can Drive Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

By Erik Stettler
The keys to future growth, innovation, and safety will require access to the exact skills needed at the exact right time.
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Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.

Prioritizing Health Pros' Pain Points in Connected Medical Device Design

By Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.
In life-or-death situations, Internet of Medical Things-enabled devices are helpful only if healthcare professionals are willing to use them.
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Matthew M.F. Miller

The Future of Healthcare Is Virtual

By Matthew M.F. Miller
As work flexibility rises, so must healthcare flexibility. Matt McCambridge, Co-founder and CEO of Eden Health, reveals the future of telemedicine and what today's teams need to stay healthy and happy.
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