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Erik Stettler

Redefining Retirement: The Benefits of Freelancing After 60

By Erik Stettler
Modern freelancing is easier and more rewarding than older workers may think. Toptal’s chief economist breaks down the advantages of freelancing in semiretirement.
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Kristen Senz

Deconstructing Jobs: How Innovative Companies Are Reimagining Work

By Kristen Senz
Boundaries created by traditional jobs are holding businesses back, says Ravin Jesuthasan, author of *Work Without Jobs*. His case study of Providence Health & Services shows how a new work paradigm can solve talent issues and spur growth.
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Jeffrey Gangemi

Toxic Communication in Virtual Workspaces: A Looming Liability for Remote and Hybrid Companies

By Jeffrey Gangemi
The tendency to “speak” more harshly from a keyboard than you would face to face—called online disinhibition—doesn’t just happen on Twitter. When it creeps into office conversations, it can create a toxic work environment that damages your brand and bottom line.
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