A Note to Potential Investors

At Toptal, we run a profitable, scalable, and highly innovative company without institutional capital. We have no board, no offices, and no politics, and we intend on keeping it that way. We will scale to tens of thousands of employees around the world with or without your help, and we will do it as we intend. With that said, as a potential investor evaluating Toptal, you must agree to our terms if you want to proceed in conversations with us:

  • We will not have an office. If we take any investment, that will not change.
  • You will have absolutely no downside protection.
  • You will not get a board seat unless we find that the value add will be extreme.
  • There will be no tranches, MFN, ratchet, drag, tag, etc.
  • You will treat this primarily as a public market investment (i.e. you give us capital, we give you equity, that’s it).
  • You will have no participating preferred or preferred rights.
  • There will be no liquidation preferences, at all.

We’re very happy with the company that we’ve created, and it’s growing without the need for outside capital. We have a tremendous amount of inbound interest (hence we’ve created this page), and we do not plan on wasting anyone’s time who does not agree with our base terms.

Taso Du Val
CEO, Toptal