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Diego Ballona, Brazil

Member since January 18, 2014
In the past 10+ years, Diego's focus has been helping companies building technology-related products, mostly in mission-critical environments, such as financial services and eCommerce. He has deep experience in leadership, software architecture, systems administratio... Click to continue

Orest Kulik, Croatia

Member since March 25, 2013
Orest is an experienced server side Software Engineer who has been developing software for 15+ years. His language of choice is Ruby which he uses for creating scalable web apps and REST API services. He is a self-driven worker who takes ownership and responsibility ... Click to continue

Sebastian Buza, United Kingdom

Member since November 23, 2017
Sebastian's helped startups to release awesome projects using his programming skills which stretches far beyond Ruby on Rails and web development. His most recent job was as CTO at GGCRYPTO, a gaming platform built on top of Node.js which leverages the power of crypt... Click to continue