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Matt Sanders, New Zealand

Member since February 21, 2017
Since 2011, Matt has been contributing to various projects of all shapes and sizes. He works primarily as a front-end developer specializing in front-end web applications, however, he also has a great deal of full-stack experience and can work well in both roles. Ove... Click to continue

Rens Poesse, Netherlands

Member since January 14, 2018
Rens is a full-stack developer with nearly a decade of experience leading teams, building projects from scratch, and communicating effectively. He also has a background in scientific research and psychology. Having worked for corporate clients, in academics and for s... Click to continue

Rodrigo Donini, Brazil

Member since September 9, 2016
Rodrigo is a focused developer who produces digital projects for agencies around the world. He has 18 years of experience using various methodologies and tech in most web and mobile projects. He has a strong knowledge base of the WordPress world and is very engaged w... Click to continue

Milos Maksimovic, Serbia

Member since October 13, 2015
Milos is a full-stack web developer with an eye for details. As a software engineer, he enjoys solving problems and working toward optimal solutions. His current top picks for technology are Angular/TypeScript and .NET Core, paired along with a strong .NET/MS SQL bac... Click to continue

Giorgi Bakradze, Georgia

Member since May 20, 2016
Since the age of 13, coding has been Giorgi's passion. Obsessed with technical details and technologies, he always tries to find better ways of doing things. Perseverance has been the key to honing his skills as a full-stack developer. He has worked on over 15 projec... Click to continue

Felipe Bittencourt Barroso Toledo, Brazil

Member since November 9, 2016
Felipe is a creative and focused developer who has previously worked as a member of the IT team at HNI Corporation for eight years, delivering high-quality and innovative work on time. He also has a bachelor's degree in graphic and interaction design. Felipe joined T... Click to continue

Radu Dragomir, Romania

Member since March 7, 2017
Radu is a full-stack developer based in Romania who specializes in Shopify, WordPress, and Laravel. He has more than a decade of professional experience and has been working as a full-time freelancer since 2012. His go-to languages are PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.... Click to continue

Kevin Read, Germany

Member since February 11, 2018
Kevin has been working on front- and back-end projects since joining an internet startup in 1998. He's been developing with Android since its very early days and had made significant contributions to several large and small projects. Kevin enjoys working in teams of ... Click to continue