About the Whitepaper

Finding and attracting talent has become a critical issue for many organizations. Leading companies are turning to the blended workforce—a combination of dedicated internal employees and external talent—as the solution to bridge the talent gap.

The movement to this model has been supported by the proliferation of on-demand talent platforms and technological advances improving distributed collaboration. However, despite the trend, managing and maximizing the effectiveness of blended teams is not well understood.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why the blended workforce is a strategic advantage in the war for talent.
  • 8 key competencies that are critical to creating a sustainable blended workforce.
  • How managers can best adapt their businesses for the future of teams.

About the Authors

Jon Younger

Jon Younger

Founder, Agile Talent Collaborative

Jon is the author of Agile Talent (Harvard, 2016) and several other books on talent strategy and HR Management. He is a member of the executive education faculties at University of Michigan and the Indian School of Business.

Michael Kearns

Michael Kearns

VP of Enterprise Strategy, Toptal

Michael has worked with teams around the world and he has served clients at some of the world’s largest companies through leadership positions at organizations such as Accenture and Slalom Consulting.

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