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Farhan Javeed

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

Toronto, ON, Canada
Toptal Member Since
October 11, 2022

Farhan is a data-driven T-shaped marketing professional with a master's degree in marketing and over six years of experience creating winning digital marketing strategies, growing brand awareness, and driving sales. He is highly skilled in analytical reporting, critical thinking, and tactical communication to accelerate customer acquisition and revenue growth. Farhan is Google, LinkedIn, and Meta certified.

Work Experience

Google Ads Guru

2024 - 2024
ICG America, Inc
  • Reviewed a Google ad account with an annual expenditure exceeding $1 million, conducting a comprehensive audit and pinpointing key areas for optimization.
  • Collaborated with the CEO/founder to execute the audit discoveries and optimization suggestions.
  • Delivered a data-centric analysis to guide strategic decisions.

Growth Marketer via Toptal

2024 - 2024
  • Worked with senior executives to build a Meta ad strategy.
  • Developed comprehensive campaigns from inception and executed Meta campaigns. This involved crafting tailored strategies for audience targeting, creating engaging ad creatives, composing compelling ad copy, and refining landing page content.
  • Worked on performance reporting and optimization of campaigns.

Google Ads Specialist

2024 - 2024
Serge Barel
  • Contributed to keyword research for non-branded search campaigns.
  • Built campaign architecture and campaigns in three different languages.
  • Set up conversion goals and tracking to ensure accurate attribution.

SEM and Paid Social Specialist (via Toptal)

2023 - 2024
Kinetic319, LLC
  • Worked with the CEO to create media plans for clients.
  • Managed paid media campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Meta.
  • Provided performance reporting and campaign optimization.


2023 - 2023
Lytesnap LLC.
  • Researched the market thoroughly for the app, developed a unique selling proposition (USP), and tailored messaging for the landing page.
  • Worked on crafting a compelling copy and optimizing the landing page, incorporating effective calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Collaborated with the design team to spearhead content design efforts for the app's homepage.

Social Media Manager

2023 - 2023
Nexus Auto Transport
  • Worked with developers, designers, and product managers to revamp the website.
  • Strategized and executed paid media campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook. I also performed Instagram marketing and customer segmentation.
  • Led the ad optimization and redesign of the company's advertising and social media strategy using data-driven insights.

Advertising Campaign Manager

2023 - 2023
Sema Technologies Inc.
  • Worked with the CEO to create LinkedIn and Google campaigns.
  • Led the campaign setup, execution, and budget management. Handled ad optimization.
  • Collaborated with the creatives head to design ads, messaging, and landing pages.
  • Reported on key metrics, conversions, and data-driven insights.


2023 - 2023
Ipseity Inc
  • Collaborated closely with the creative head to develop engaging content for landing pages. Utilized research to ensure adherence to industry best practices and effectively communicate the unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Proposed effective call-to-actions (CTAs) for landing pages and fine-tuned content to align with conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices.
  • Led the design of content strategy and landing page content.

Google Ads Expert

2023 - 2023
Reg&Tech Solutions AB
  • Developed comprehensive Google search ads from the ground up for the company, strategically focusing on European keywords for optimal targeting and leveraging effective search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.
  • Established and fine-tuned performance-maximized campaigns effectively for the client, resulting in a significant increase in registrations while successfully slashing the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from $100 to $50.
  • Contributed to the enhancement of the landing page by identifying pertinent keywords, thereby optimizing its performance.

Marketing Strategist

2023 - 2023
Horizon Intelligence SRL
  • Collaborated with the CEO to create a full-funnel digital marketing strategy from scratch.
  • Created an email nurture strategy for the client, including subject lines, nurture streams, and email copy.
  • Conducted in-depth competitor analysis and profiling and provided areas for improvement. Led the redesign of specific landing pages, which included CRO, AB testing, and copy creation.

Landing Page Consultant

2023 - 2023
Studio Spero
  • Collaborated closely with the founder and assisted in pinpointing areas of improvement within the landing pages.
  • Optimized on-page SEO for keyword density and visibility, improving the inbound marketing strategy.
  • Audited Google Ads accounts and identified lost opportunities and leakages.

CRO Specialist

2023 - 2023
Centre For Effective Altruism UK
  • Identified landing pages with low conversion rates and optimized them based on CRO best practices.
  • Provided actional items to implement to boost CRO efforts.
  • Restructured the website's home page for better user experience and to optimize conversions.

Marketing Consultant

2023 - 2023
  • Collaborated with the CEO on a digital marketing strategy focusing on paid lead generation and lead nurturing in North American markets, including pricing strategy development.
  • Collaborated with the project managers, CEO, and sales team to develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy that adheres to industry best practices.
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the website's landing page with a focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Provided detailed feedback and recommendations regarding specific changes that could be made.

Digital Marketing Specialist

2022 - 2023
  • Launched, optimized, and reported on paid social and display campaigns, including creative, campaign setup, audience targeting, and budget management using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google and YouTube Ads. Reduced CPLs by 15% using tactical strategies.
  • Tested unique creative and copy combinations, audience segmentation, ad placements, and retargeting strategies to maximize full-funnel performance. Improved digital budget utilization by more than 30%.
  • Grew leads by over 10% month over month. Drove the creation and execution of lead generation programs and account-based marketing (ABM) in major regions focused on key metrics like marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs).
  • Analyzed the performance of paid campaigns, digital initiatives, and ad networks using Google Analytics and other quantitative research tools. Discovered trends in data and provided tactical recommendations.
  • Analyzed email nurture programs in Marketo, focusing on key metrics such as open rates, click-to-open ratios, and content audits to improve performance.
  • Used ABM platforms, such as 6sense, to generate demand and launch paid campaigns to in-market and untapped segments.

Digital Marketing Specialist

2021 - 2022
Gentec International
  • Created email newsletters for various brands in the consumer electronics industry. Conducted B2B and B2C marketing targeting customers via Mailchimp.
  • Used campaign monitoring and quantitative research methods to analyze data, improve open rates, and optimize email marketing campaigns.
  • Optimized, developed, and monitored paid campaigns for Sigma and Sony Canada using Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads, maintaining a stable ROAS.
  • Optimized website performance by applying CRO best practices to dedicated landing pages, resulting in improved engagement, reduced bounce rates, and increased purchase potential.
  • Measured the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns, including social media content, through Google Analytics and eCommerce sales data, providing recommendations for optimization and improvement.
  • Updated multiple brand websites and eCommerce platforms with new products and search-engine-optimized content using a CMS, enhancing the brand's search engine rankings and reinforcing its strategic brand activation and brand positioning.

Marketing Manager

2017 - 2021
Universal Cinemas
  • Prepared and executed a 360-degree marketing strategy with a core focus on digital marketing for Universal Cinemas that increased business revenues and boosted customer footfall from 10,000 to 100,000 per month within six months.
  • Increased monthly sales revenues by 40% by introducing tactical digital marketing campaigns. Led eCommerce SEO efforts, using strategic optimization techniques to boost product visibility.
  • Used paid social media ads and Google Ads to create brand equity, develop awareness, and boost customer acquisition.
  • Acred as a chief marketing officer (CMO). Increased the repurchase rate by 35% and retention of loyal customers by introducing a customer loyalty program and re-marketing campaigns to custom audiences.
  • Designed, executed, and monitored paid digital campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics. Increased online bookings by 25% in six months.

Vendor Manager

2014 - 2016
Alibaba Group
  • Provided exceptional customer experiences for assigned brands through cooperation with cross-functional teams of creative, web development, product, marketing, and others.
  • Added more than 20 high-quality vendors on the platform.
  • Built strong relationships with vendors to ensure lower stockouts, timely order fulfillment, and improved sales performance of assigned brands month-on-month.

Facebook Ads for Private Theater Rentals

Increased the number of private bookings of private theater rentals during COVID-19 by more than 50% on a month-on-month basis using paid media like Facebook and Instagram while achieving a positive ROAS.

Universal Cinemas is the largest multiplex in Pakistan. It had a footfall of more than 100,000 customers a month. The cinema generates the most revenue for movie distributors in the country, and I was one of the first hires in this company.

Facebook Marketing for Sony Canada During Black Friday

Led the ideation, design, and development of highly successful campaigns for Sony Canada during COVID-19. Achieved a ROAS of $1: $24.

Sony wasn't using Facebook Ads a lot, but I convinced my manager to invest in Facebook Ads for Black Friday. We ran several campaigns for custom audiences and 1% look-a-like audiences, redirecting the traffic to the Sony Shopify store. I managed these campaigns and tracked real-time analytics for reporting purposes and scaling campaigns that were working.

LinkedIn Leadgen Campaigns

Created successful lead generation campaigns by targeting the correct audiences and lowered the cost per lead while increasing the leads.

I managed quarterly spending of more than $250,000 on LinkedIn. The project's goal was to increase the quality of leads while lowering the cost per lead (CPL). For that, I introduced some tactical retargeting adjustments and adjustments to a bidding strategy and conducted a few A/B tests to track the impact on campaigns.

Category Growth for Apparel

I grew the apparel category from the ground up while working as the category manager for fashion at an eCommerce company. I added more than 50 high-quality vendors in six months to the category.

JoChaho.pk was a leading eCommerce portal in Pakistan. I was responsible for building the fashion/apparel category. I led a team of two people to efficiently create the category and add new vendors on a daily basis.
2013 - 2014

Master of Science Degree in Marketing

Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece - Athens, Greece

2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Finance

Lahore School of Economics - Lahore, Pakistan

MAY 2022 - MAY 2024

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Certification



Identifying, Attracting, and Growing Your Digital Audience

University of California | via Coursera


Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

University of Illinois | via Coursera


Facebook Social Media Marketing

Professional Certification by Facebook and Coursera


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Platforms & Tools

Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Ads, Advertising Tools & Platforms, Google Ad Manager, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Twitter Marketing, Mailchimp, Marketo

Business Models

Business to Consumer (B2C), B2C, Business to Business (B2B), Software as a Service (SaaS), B2B, SaaS Product Marketing


B2B Lead Generation, Paid Media, Customer Acquisition, Landing Page Optimization, Growth Strategy, Growth Marketing, Optimization, Market Research, Statistics, Website Traffic, Audits, Awareness Campaigns, Market Segmentation, Demand Generation, Direct to Consumer (D2C), Data Analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Data Analysis, Leads, eCommerce, YouTube Marketing, YouTube SEO, YouTube, Advertising, Product Launch, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Marketing Attribution, Analytics, Product Strategy, Conversion Rate, Social Ad Design, Instagram, Direct Response, Shopify, Brand Building, Visual Design, Brand Positioning, Marketing Plans, Content Management, Content Writing, Paid Search, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Twitter, Pricing Strategy, Webinars, Facebook, Storytelling, User Experience (UX), Messaging, Personas, Digital Media, Consumer Insights, Finance, Data Management, Strategy, Business Strategy, Business Development, Chatbots, WordPress, Loyalty Programs, Communication Strategy, Digital Strategy, Facebook Pixel, Customer Journeys, Category Management, Salesforce, UX Writing, Launch Strategy, eCommerce SEO, Ad Optimization, Ad Networks, Lead Nurturing, Startups

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