Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis, Marketing Expert in São José dos Campos - State of São Paulo, Brazil
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Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

São José dos Campos - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
July 20, 2023

Gustavo is a seasoned growth marketer with experience in the education, gaming, health, and travel sectors. With an impressive knack for copywriting, he creates effective copy with a focus on enhancing conversion. Gustavo's expertise also extends to designing and optimizing sales funnels, landing pages, effective ads, and CRM. Finally, Gustavo has consistently demonstrated a user-centered approach to his work, enabling him to successfully navigate from solopreneurs to big enterprises.

Project Highlights

Copywriter for Heineken Social App
Led the copywriting and UX writing for CLNK, Heineken's social gathering app.
Teaching Growth Marketing at Udemy
Created top-rated and top-selling copywriting and AI courses in English and Portuguese. These were delivered via Udemy to more than 12,000 professionals.
Making Buser a Nationwide-used Verb in Brazil
Led the copywriting front on Buser's website to incentivize it being used as a verb. The time chosen for it was when it was becoming big enough for something like this to stick.


Work Experience

Senior Copywriter

2023 - PRESENT
  • Increased Labor Day campaign conversion by 13% with my email variation.
  • Handled copywriting and copy editing for every major subscription campaign since June 2023.
  • Dove deep into each of Forbes' newsletters to better write the conversion description for each of them.


2024 - 2024
Scarselli Diamonds Inc
  • Managed LinkedIn posts and drove the growth of the page from 0 to 1,000 followers.
  • Posted relevant and engaging posts about diamonds' authenticity and traceability twice a day on Twitter.
  • Managed LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium accounts for three months, recycling content whenever possible to maximize throughput.

Growth Strategist (via Toptal)

2024 - 2024
Imfiy BV
  • Shaped a comprehensive marketing strategy plan for Meta and TikTok ads to reduce CAC by 50% during the next three months.
  • Conducted a full CRO audit on all three websites for the company, finding nine big conversion opportunities for higher on-site conversion.
  • Implemented robust product and business analytics with PostHog and Metabase for increased visibility of the entire business funnel.

Growth Marketer (via Toptal)

2023 - 2024
Barada, LLC.
  • Created a full GTM strategy with TikTok, Instagram account management, and email to maximize sales and awareness.
  • Implemented GetResponse, Google Analytics 4, and PostHog for greater analytics monitoring to measure which channels and creatives were working best.
  • Performed a full copywriting overhaul on the homepage, which increased overall conversion from 3% to 5%.


2023 - 2024
Scarselli Diamonds Inc
  • Rewrote their entire main webpage and whitepaper for clarity and compelling arguments.
  • Wrote the entire presentation for the Department of State of the USA on behalf of Authentia.
  • Created several brochures and speeches for the CEO to sway miners and tender houses for the cause.

Copy Editor with AP-style Experience

2023 - 2024
TheGrio - Main
  • Created nine articles for their leading publication with a specific tone of voice and compelling copy.
  • Revised 11 articles for tone of voice, compelling copy, and blog posting.
  • Strategized on the next batch of articles for their leading publication.


2023 - 2023
Ricoh Corporation - DSC-PortfolioStrategy
  • Crafted a compelling story to illustrate the solution that Ricoh crafted for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.
  • Cooperated with the design team to craft the visuals of a story that illustrated the solution Ricoh was developing.
  • Aligned the product details needed to create Ricoh's solution for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Marketing Copywriter | Content Strategist

2023 - 2023
Tulsa University
  • Rewrote 84 pages of Tulsa's main website with more compelling copy that was better attuned to TU's intended tone of voice.
  • Changed the international student's brochure copy, driving 150% more views to the video about Tulsa for international students.
  • Used AI content creation tools and AI marketing concepts to rewrite TU's main page, enhancing readability and optimizing conversion for the critical step of student application.

Facebook Ads Specialist

2023 - 2023
  • Worked on optimizing Facebook Ads to reduce CPA from R$1 to slightly less than R$0.40, a 60% reduction.
  • Applied the Facebook Leads form to reduce CPA from R$1 to slightly less than R$0.40.
  • Optimized targeting, campaign structure, and copy to reduce CPA on Facebook Ads.
  • Implemented drip marketing campaigns as part of a lead nurturing strategy to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Product and Marketing Lead

2023 - 2023
  • Developed a content marketing strategy and a Facebook Meta campaign that led to new app downloads for $3 CPA involving a frame reversal.
  • Conducted a full audit on the app with PostHog for product analytics and uncovered two major areas with dropoffs.
  • Audited the app for UX flaws and found 18 medium- to high-importance changes that, when fixed, improved the app's conversion by 26%.


2023 - 2023
Publicis Groupe, LePub Netherlands
  • Provided a copywriting service for a new social gathering app.
  • Created a localized version of the copy for the social gathering app.
  • Organized a 10-person demo group in Sao Paulo to test the app.

Growth Marketing Director

2023 - 2023
  • Created an 8-channel funnel to market video FAQs and a Shopify app for FAQs with video.
  • Handled multimedia communication planning and strategy and started three successful social media accounts to market Video FAQ.
  • Reduced the costs with no loss of leads by optimizing pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads keywords to 80%.

Principal Product Manager

2022 - 2023
  • Drove discovery for growth opportunities in all company areas.
  • Created product management best practices and educated the product team to implement them.
  • Implemented tools and processes that enhanced the product team's overall performance.
  • Led negotiations with branding and growth marketing stakeholders, keeping everyone on the same page regarding the product vision.
  • Analyzed the feature to turn the company's internal currency, Buedas, into a blockchain that would yield NFT badges for hardcore users.

Head of Product

2022 - 2023
Teach Me To
  • Analyzed the website for CRO opportunities and drove overall conversion from 1.8% to 3.5% in two months.
  • Overhauled the general engineering process to deliver medium to large tasks inside one-week cycles rather than four.
  • Implemented all necessary Google, Facebook, and TikTok tracking for drip marketing and conversion.
  • Used Mixpanel to drive insights and prioritization to select and optimize the top 10% of professionals in the 500+ marketplace.

Strategic Advisor

2022 - 2022
Functional Patterns
  • Coached colleagues to find the correct strategy for long- and medium-term growth.
  • Wrote and fixed seven landing pages to improve the copywriting appeal and enhance conversion rate optimization (CRO).
  • Outlined the most important topics to tackle for growth in the long term.

Product, Market, and User Researcher and Analyst

2022 - 2022
  • Defined and listed the reasons behind merchants' buying decisions when purchasing a theme in the Theme Store.
  • Created an actionable plan to address the findings and improve ranking and the disconnect between merchant needs and wants.
  • Delivered more insight into how to make Shopify SEO and products more successful.

Product Marketer

2022 - 2022
Zero to Hero
  • Audited the platform to be in accordance with the current marketing practices.
  • Implemented and tested a B2C marketing strategy (including drip marketing and customer journeys) as we worked toward a product-market fit.
  • Collaborated with the client to get a clear understanding of marketing goals and the correct KPIs to follow.

Product Management Screener

2022 - 2022
  • Vetted and interviewed the professionals wanting to join the platform.
  • Reviewed online tests that talent undertook to join Toptal.
  • Analyzed the presentations that talent sent as part of their application.

Growth Product Manager

2020 - 2021
  • Searched and implemented product growth opportunities by changing the user experience and applying mental triggers.
  • Coordinated with the growth marketing team on platform integrations such as Salesforce, Amplitude, and ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google (including Google AdSense), and TikTok. Collaborated on marketing attribution analyses.
  • Managed the product roadmap and handled discovery and prototyping to get tests done as quickly as possible, granting the most likely path to growth.
  • Conducted discovery for changing our internal currency, Buedas, into a blockchain that would yield NFT badges for hardcore users.

Growth Marketing Director

2015 - 2019
  • Created sales funnels for all courses, handling everything from campaign planning, social media ads, and drip marketing to upsell checkout. Used Intercom to manage 10,000+ website leads.
  • Managed every certified public accountant to keep the return on advertising spend as high as possible.
  • Developed and tested almost 20 new offers per week, every week.
  • Directed each single sales video (including screenwriting) and oversaw post-production.

Game Developer

2013 - 2015
  • Prototyped and created minigames to teach English to beginner and intermediate-level learners.
  • Connected the front and back ends of several different back-end-as-a-service solutions.
  • Spearheaded gamification solution design, user experience, level design, and overall experience design.

Quantitative Risk Analyst

2012 - 2013
Banco BBM
  • Analyzed the viability of changing the internal SQL database to a NoSQL database.
  • Translated the most important queries from SQL to C# to quantify risk.
  • Saved millions of dollars in migrations by coordinating the transition from an SQL database to a NoSQL database.

Copywriter for Heineken Social App

Led the copywriting and UX writing for CLNK, Heineken's social gathering app.

During 2023, Heineken developed a social app to facilitate the gathering of friends at bars, pubs, and shows. I did the copywriting for the entire experience, guaranteeing compelling copy across the app.

Teaching Growth Marketing at Udemy

Created top-rated and top-selling copywriting and AI courses in English and Portuguese. These were delivered via Udemy to more than 12,000 professionals.

Udemy is a world-leading online learning platform allowing instructors to build and deliver courses on their preferred topics. It currently serves 100 million monthly active users worldwide. I've been teaching there since 2019.

Making Buser a Nationwide-used Verb in Brazil

Led the copywriting front on Buser's website to incentivize it being used as a verb. The time chosen for it was when it was becoming big enough for something like this to stick.

Buser is a leading travel application in LATAM, similar to Uber, but for buses. The process was done via small increments in strategic points in the UX experience. Nowadays, every single person in Brazil that uses Buser calls it "to take a Buser."
2010 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) - São Jose dos Campos, Brazil


Growth Hacking, Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, A/B Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Digital Marketing Strategy, Landing Pages, Ads, Paid Advertising, Marketing Campaigns, B2C Marketing, Writing & Editing, Marketing Leadership, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Email Marketing Automation, Marketing Research & Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Automation, Omnichannel Marketing, Google Paid Ads, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Email Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Content, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Market Research & Analysis, Channel Strategy, Drip Marketing, Content, Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Strategy, Social Media, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Pay-per-Click (PPC), Product Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO Content, Cold Emailing, Inbound Marketing, On-page SEO, Influencer Marketing, Entertainment Marketing, YouTube Ads, Agile, Web Marketing, App Store Marketing, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Growth Model, Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Ads, AI Marketing, Agile Transformation

Platforms & Tools

Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Content Management Systems (CMS), Mixpanel, Mailchimp, Amplitude, CRM Systems, Instagram Ads, Klaviyo, GetResponse, Jasper, Lead Capture Pages

Business Models

Business to Business (B2B), Software as a Service (SaaS), SaaS Product Marketing, Business to Consumer (B2C)


Growth Marketing, Product Growth, Landing Page Optimization, Referrals, Retargeting Pixels, Advertising, Roadmaps, Paid Media, Communication, Analytics, Implementation, Lead Marketing, Web Content, Drip Email, Website Traffic, Go-to-market Optimization, Demand Generation, Marketplaces, Gamification, Internet Marketing, Customer Insights, Direct Mail, Growth Strategy, Content Management, WordPress, Lead Nurturing, eCommerce, Content Writing, Paid Search, Niche Email Marketing, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Google AdSense, Marketing Attribution, Screenwriting, Instagram Account Management, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Campaign Planning, Guest Posting, ConvertKit, Software Development, Software Engineering,, Slack, Growth Marketing Product Manager, Scrum, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Apps, UX Writing, Team Leadership, Team Management, Team Development, Growth, Discovery, Product Discovery, Product-led Growth (PLG), Product Strategy, Hiring, Coaching, Agile Coaching, Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Research, Market Research, User Interface (UI), Interviewing, Customer Journeys, Customer Research, Subscription Pricing, Subscriptions, Web UX, Product Roadmaps, Facebook Pixel, Upselling, Game Development, Software Prototyping, Front-end Development, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Risk Management, Back-end Development, Technical Writing, Storytelling, Visual Storytelling, Shopify SEO, Tone of Voice, Blog Posting, Growth Strategy Consultants, Etsy, Communication Planning, AI Content Creation, Multimedia, Intercom, Web Research, Resellers, Consumer Products, Forum Posting, Lead Magnet, D2C Branding Strategy, Data Analytics Sales, Yahoo Ads, Shopify Marketing, SEO Consultant

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